Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Review

The packing is straightforward and also the helicopter is simple to establish. The plan consists of a USB battery charger, a 3.75 volt Li-Po battery (which likewise has an useful auto-cut off security PCB) and even a collection of extra props. The quad prepares to fly when it’s secured of the box.

When you activate the power as well as the LCD display, the attribute that attracts attention is that it informs you the voltage of the helicopter as well as the transmitter. The transmitter has a video clip result that can be connected to an exterior screen or DVR. FPV safety glasses could likewise be utilized with the quad for more enjoyable. Video clip signals are transferred around 90 meters.


The body system is a little, appealing and even durable 4.5 inches. It could take rather a great deal of damaging while flying and even crash-landing, though it’s suggested that you set up the set guards that have it. The toughness works for very first time fliers particularly those having little encounter with reduced end FPV quads. Those experienced with the greater end FPV quads which make use of innovative innovation and even GENERAL PRACTITIONER to maintain themselves steady in mid-air might likewise have some problem with managing the H107D.

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It is not feasible to maintain the H107D floating in air and also the quad maintains drifting away and also though it is feasible to regulate its instructions, it is difficult making it float in position. It’s likewise not a great idea to take it outdoors, as it can be pressed along by modest winds.


The Hubsan is an excellent little multi-rotor quadcopter for discovering exactly how to fly if you have actually never ever done so previously. It’s cost-effective sufficient for youngsters as well as beginners that desire a brand-new plaything they could get into RC flying with.

The Hubsan X4 H107D drone is a terrific, affordable entry-level plaything for very first time fliers that intend to educate ways to fly while taking pleasure in FPV. It’s sturdy as well as tons of enjoyable to fly if you appreciate collapsing right into points. Not advised for customers that wish to videotape hrs of in-flight video clip footage for various other objectives.

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Hubsan X4 FPV

Hubsan X4 FPV



    Battery Life






          All together



            • Super small and fun to fly
            • Very stable within flight and it corrects to level after you let go of the sticks
            • Parts are inexpensive and easily replaceable
            • Great to fly indoors due to its size
            • Really fast


            • Can be hard to get good at the controls
            • After some big crashes things can break but that is why we recommend the crash pack
            • Small parts can be hard to replace