Yuneec Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter

Yuneec Q500 Review

Worldwide of tiny customer market airborne drones with photo/video ability, the competitors is progressively warming up and also some outstanding beginners to the marketplace have actually gotten there on the scene often for the last number of years. Among these is the splendidly visual as well as instead effective Q500 4K UAV that we’re examining right here. In a straight battle with the DJI’s best selling phantom drone line, Yuneec Q500 Typhoon supplies a number of the exact same attributes as the Phantoms yet packages them right into a controller / machine combo which is distinctly much cool looking and even heftier.


While coming at a cost tag that’s quite comparable to that of DJI’s newest and also most effective, the DJI Phantom 3, the Q500 Typhoon 4K supplies numerous essential navigating, design and even specification distinctions which make it right into a longer compared to appealing deal in a market that’s learning a lot more preferred and even functional by the month. Hence, regardless of some design as well as video clip capture defects which we’ll cover soon, the Yuneec Q500 4k Typhoon is a guaranteed high-level prospect for being merely exactly what you require if you desire airborne 4K and also HD video clip capture capacities in some extremely nimble flying machines for a cost of less than $1,500.

The real appearance of Yuneec Q500 4k Typhoon is stunning. Unlike the rather cumbersome looking DJI Phantom 3, which looks basically the same to its precursor the Phantom 2, the Q500 4k Typhoon supplies a drastically various as well as in our sight much cooler visual aesthetic. Yes, as a little battery-powered quadracopter drone, the Q500 has the very same important structure and even 4 blades design facets of lots of various other drones yet its producer has actually taken care of to fill the device up with lots of additional decor which simply looks terrific on the ground or airborne. We understand that a great deal of this appearance is merely aesthetic fluff however that cares. The Q500 looks excellent!


Next off, we can not claim we do not enjoy the Q500’s video clip and even picture capture abilities. While they’re extremely of a substandard high quality to the sort of video clip and even image stills the Phantom 3 could create with its exceptional integrated indigenous 4K video camera, Yuneec still isn’t really any sort of slouch here and also their video clip stays generally crisp, clear as well as halfway decent tinted.

The turning gimbal placed electronic camera design of the Q500 is obviously much more flexible compared to that of its Phantom equivalent, being de-mountable for usage as a portable Steadicam which goes past the certain globe of airborne video clip recording.

In a case you are not satisfied with our Yuneec Q500 Review you can always read something about drones with video cameras an maybe find one for yourself.


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