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As more and more drones took to the skies this past few years, BuyBestQuadcopter became a place where everyone – from aspiring aerial videographers to drone hobbyists – could turn to for reliable information, latest news, beginner’s guides, as well as shopping tips and recommendations. 

One might call us geeks, and while we prefer to think of ourselves as two very enthusiastic drone junkies, we’re more than happy to roll with it: 

For us, it’s a way to follow our passion for going airborne and share our drone knowledge with the community. And for you, it’s a place where you can find valuable, useful, and exciting content about drones.

Here are a few examples:

One might call us geeks,  and  while we prefer to think of ourselves as two very enthusiastic drone junkies, we’re more than happy to roll with it: 

We’re just two geeks on a mission to mix our passion for drones and years of hands-on experience with all things drone-related into what is now known as BuyBestQuadcopter.

Drones use three types of cameras to film at night - Infrared, thermal, and low light cameras. The first two are considered to be “true” night vision since they have the ability to film even in pitch-black conditions. However, most drones do not have such cameras built into them by default. So, if you want to use them, you’ll have to mount them yourself—more on this in a bit. Now, let’s see what the differences between the three types of cameras are: Infrared (IR) These cameras can detect and capture infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. An IR camera does this by emitting infrared light from an LED and then picking it up. Keep in mind that this technology usually only captures grayscale images. Thermal Thermal cameras do not require light to take photos. As the name implies, they can detect thermal emissivity - or heat - that objects radiate and use it to render an image. Low Light Most drones with high-quality cameras, such as 4K drones, have something called a CMOS chip. The latter enables these cameras to utilize whatever light is available to the fullest and thus create an HQ image. Pictures captured with such a camera in very low light require some post-processing to get the best result, though. How To Add Night Vision To A Drone

How to Safely Fly a Drone in a City

Flying a drone in an urban environment requires special skills and concentration from its operator. A city is filled with many obstacles, such as tall buildings and trees, signal interference, and flying over people is extremely dangerous.

Drone Photography Tips

Drone Photography Tips

Flying with a drone can be done with varying degrees of independence. It can be done under remote controlled by a human operator or completely or occasionally alone with a preprogrammed computer flight.

The Different Types of Drones You Should Know About

The Different Types of Drones You Should Know About

Thinking of hopping on board the drone train and want to learn more about different types of drones out there? Well, you came to the right place!

The mere fact that you’re here shows that we’re excited by the same idea of taking to the skies, with one minor difference: 

You’re not quite sure which drone to buy – and you need our help making that decision. 

The ever-evolving, rapidly changing drone industry isn’t making that decision any easier, either: 

Over the past few years, dozens of models entered the market boasting a lot of the same features. These consumer-friendly drone designs now offer anyone-can-fly simplicity, built-in, high-resolution cameras, and justifiable, impulse-buy price tags.

It’s no wonder that you’re feeling overwhelmed – or flat-out confused – by the number of models and accompanying accessories. 

Browse around BuyBestQuadcopter.com, and you’ll discover: 

Latest Drone News and Guides, with up-to-date news on latest releases and valuable, beginner-oriented info about drones. 

Round-Ups of the Best Drones, with detailed buying guides, reviews, and recommendations in every category.

Whether you’re new to the concept of unmanned aerial vehicles or looking to upgrade from your “toy drone” to a more advanced, high-end model, this is the best place to get started. 

We can pretty much guarantee that, with the help of our well-researched, detailed guides and honest, hands-on reviews, you’ll go from a drone novice to a drone pro in no time. I mean, it all depends on how fast you can read – but you get the point.

We can – and will – teach you how to recognize a quality drone when you see one. Even more so, we’ll give you the tools needed for making your first drone purchase. 

Here’s the thing:

  • We’ve spent countless hours reading, talking to others who are experienced in UVA operation and watching eye-in-the-sky videos 
  • We research every bit of drone-related info we share with our community thoroughly and methodically 
  • We keep up with the latest drone releases (or, at the very least, try our best to do so)
  • We present everything – from buying guides to individual drone reviews – in a way that’s every bit as informative as it is interesting, for both novices and experienced pilots

Plus, we’ve been lucky enough to take a bunch of these drones for test flights, too. 

All that – and more – is what makes BuyBestQuadcopter the most trustworthy and reliable drone review website online!

An estimated 7 million drones – both hobby and commercial – are expected to hit the U.S. skies in 2023. It’s about time that you dipped your toes into the UAV pond, because, let’s face it: 

Flying a drone will be the cheapest first-class ticket that you’ll ever book – and the views will be incredible! 

Count on us to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and releases, and we promise to continue improving our knowledge and sharing our reviews and opinions with you. The search for the ultimate drone is never over – and you can become a part of it here

Fly safely and responsibly, folks – and remember to have fun doing it!