Get ready for the 28th of November! Cyber Monday comes right after Black Friday and gives you a chance to score discounts from all your favorite online stores. 

Tech items, especially drones make great Christmas presents and they often have deals that are available for Cyber Monday. You can even treat yourself to a great drone product, too.

One great thing about drones is that there’s many different models to choose from. They can be used by people of all ages and skill levels and it’s a great hobby to get into.

Check out our list for the best drones to buy this Cyber Monday.

Our Top 4 Cyber Monday Drone Deals

Our #1 Rated

DJI Air 2S, Drone Quadcopter UAV with 3-Axis...

DJI Mavic Air 2S

"Best High-End Deal"

  • The Mavic Air 2S features a 4K Camera equipped with a 3-axis stabilizing system.
  • It offers a flight time of 34 minutes and a flight range maximum of 6.2 miles (10km)!
  • The Mavic Air 2S is the go-to drone if you're looking for the high-end drone experience, while still keeping your budget in tact!

Our #2 Rated

DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

"Best Cyber Monday Deal"

  • The 47-minute flight time and 13.4-miles-per-hour speed are backed up by a 25-kilometer range
  • Exceptional flight performance, camera quality, and advanced features and controls make the Mini 3 Pro the best drone for the money
  • It can capture pictures at a 4K HD resolution with a 48MP, 1/1.3” CMOS sensor, resting on a three-axis mechanical gimbal that rotates to portrait orientation

Our #3 Rated

Ruko F11 Pro FHD

"Cheapest Proper 4K Drone"

  • The Ruko F11 Pro offers a 4K UHD Camera with an FPV mode.
  • The Flight Time goes up to 60 minutes (30 mins per battery), and has a decent flight range.
  • It's a great Budget Drone for beginners and youngsters who want to get some experience with aerial photography and videograpgy!

DJI Mavic Air 2

The latest addition to the Mavic family – and quite possibly the hottest drone release of 2023 – is the one Cyber Monday drone deal that you don’t want to miss this year. 

That’s right; we’re talking about the Mavic Air 2! 

Landing between the Mavic Mini and the Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air 2 is the drone to bridge the gap and become one of DJI’s best all-around consumer drones yet: 

It’s faster, safer, and better equipped for creating high-quality aerial content – with quite a few top-of-the-line features typically reserved for high-end drones – but easy on the wallet, nonetheless!

  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: DJI’s Mavic Air 2S is no small drone, packing more weight and overall size than its predecessor. Although that means that you’ll have to register it with the FAA, compactness and portability won’t be an issue thanks to the foldable design.
  • BETTER CAMERA: Besides the drone’s body, the integrated camera sensor also got a significant upgrade, and the 1-inch sensor is twice the size then its predecessor, the second-gen Mavic Air. The multiple camera modes and additional content-oriented features further add to the improved camera capabilities.

  • EXTENDED FLIGHT TIMES: Mavic Air 2S’s redesigned electronics and upgraded battery bump its flight time to an impressive 34 minutes per charge – a notable increase compared to the original’s 21 minutes.


When it’s folded, this 570-gram drone is relatively compact, measuring 180×97×74 millimeters, but you’re looking at 183×253×77 millimeters when it’s unfolded and ready to fly.

Still, the Mavic Air 2S is perfectly capable of developing 68 kilometers per hour in the Sport mode. The increase in size didn’t have much of an impact on its agility. Thanks to the OcuSync 2.0 technology, it also has a rather impressive 10-kilometer control range – with a 34-minute flight time to boot.

What’s more, the three obstacle-detecting sensors located on the drone’s front, rear, and bottom work hand-in-hand with the upgraded APAS 3.0 technology to promote safety and automatic flight planning. 


There was already some mention of Mavic Air 2S’s bigger camera sensor and overall camera upgrades. 

More specifically, DJI equipped the second-generation Mavic Air 2 with a 1 camera sensor, twice the size as the original Mavic 2, which was the upgrade that many users had hoped for in the 2S.

that features high-performance Quad Bayer technology. What’s more, the camera’s fitted on a three-axis gimbal for image stabilization. 

The camera captures 12MP photos by default, with the option of snapping 48MP aerial photography. You also get various camera modes, including an array of QuickShot modes and SmartPhoto with integrated scene recognition. 

As for videography, the Mavic Air 2 can shoot 4K videos at 60fps with pre-programmed HDR support and 8K Hyperlapse. 


It’s already pretty clear how much the Mavic Air 2 brings to the table – and we barely scratched the surface there. It’s built on its predecessor's foundations but packs some upgraded, top-of-the-line features that make for a unique blend of flight performance and content creation. 

APAS 3.0 advanced mapping technology with obstacle-avoidance sensors, FocusTrack intelligent tracking modes, dual-frequency communication (2.4 and 5.8 GHz), compatibility with the DJI Fly app – and much more!

While this overview of Mavic Air 2’s features is far from complete, but it’s enough to show you that this drone has what it takes to put a smile on any drone enthusiast’s face.


  • Has a 10-kilometer range and 34-minute battery life
  • Has a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor with various camera modes
  • Three obstacle-avoidance sensors and APAS 3.0 technology


  • Requires FAA registration

2. DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro - Best Bang for your Buck 

DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

The best drone deal for those who do not have a ton of money to spend, DJI brings the Mavic Mini 3 Pro, a foldable, under 250 g drone, that's the size of your palm, and doesn't require FAA registration. 

The DJI manufacturer has done it again! Despite all odds, they have released the newest edition to the Mavic line of drones - the Mavic Mini 3 Pro.

Not so long ago, the DJI Mavic Mini 2 made its official aerial entrance back on the 11th of November 2019 and has been unrivaled among other foldable, under 250g drones.

But, a new competitor has swept the title of the best - the Mavic Mini 3 Pro.

As with all drones that fall under the category of under 250g - the need for its official registration is bypassed, unless you wish to use it for professional purposes.

As long as you plan on capturing and filming light pictures of your family and friends, you won’t need to register the Mini 3.

Most drones will require special transport needs, due to their size. But, with an undemanding and compact design, you can carry it leisurely in a backpack. Just remember to fold it first!


Straight to the point - the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus can pull off an incredible maximum flight time of 47 minutes. Even the entry-level battery outshines the Mavic Mini 2, with a 34-minute maximum flight time!

You’ll soon realize that there’s a difference between the Intelligent Flight Battery and the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus - a rather big one if you ask us!

With the Mavic’s Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, you can effortlessly travel and control the drone a maximum of 18km distance. But, if you decide to upgrade your drone with an Intelligent Flight Battery Plus - you can extend the range to 25km, as long as the conditions are optimal.

Also, you should bear in mind that the maximum wind speed resistance is capped at 10.7 m/s (level 5).


The bread and butter of this drone is its camera performance. It can smoothly capture pictures at a 4K HD resolution with a 48MP, 1/1.3” CMOS sensor, resting on a three-axis mechanical gimbal that rotates to portrait orientation - the first time on a DJI drone.

The camera uses a 24mm F1.7 fixed-aperture lens that can deliver an 82.1° FOV. With the portrait orientation, you can capture social media-friendly vertical images without worrying about sacrificing quality from cropping, as there won’t be any!

One of the fan-favorite features is the Slow Motion video recording. The Mavic Mini 3 Pro comes with this feature, capable of Slow Motion recording videos at 1080p 120fps.

Furthermore, the Mavic Mini 3 Pro offers Timed Shots, Burst Mode, and D-Cinelike Color mode that provides you with more flexibility and color possibilities when editing.

Keep in mind that 48MP images can only be shot as a single image. So, to trigger stuff like Timed Shots, Burst Mode, or AEB - you’ll need to switch to 12MP shooting.


Here are some new-and-improved features and innovations that it brings to the table:

  • APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance System) 4.0 Obstacle Avoidance
  • 4-directional environmental sensing
  • O3 transmission system with 5.4K video transmission of up to 12km
  • Dual-frequency 2.4/5.8GHz communication
  • MasterShots technology
  • 1-inch CMOS sensor
  • FocusTrack intelligent tracking modes
  • GPS + GLONASS satellite systems

When all things are considered, this is one of the best “mini” drones currently available on the market. It’s safe and compact, and it boasts countless features that are new on the quadcopter market.


  • Advanced camera systems
  • Exceptional flight range and control
  • Foldable design
  • Class Leading Specs and Performance
  • MasterShot feature


  • Slightly sensitive to windy conditions

3. Holy Stone HS720E - Best Budger Cyber Monday Deal

Holy Stone HS720

"Cyber Monday Midrange Deal"

The HS720E quadcopter will be the perfect Cyber Monday deal for those looking to spend around $300! This new release from Holy Stone and an upgrade of their HS700 model boasts high-end features that you won’t find in a drone in its price range.

Beginner, as well as intermediate pilots, will have a heck of an experience flying this drone. It offers ample playtime with its long flight time and packs a slew of high-performance features.

I particularly appreciate the GPD Assisted Intelligent Flight function, which makes the ordeal even more satisfying for inexperienced users.


The HS720E quad comes with a flight time of almost 26 minutes, which is unheard of for a drone just over $300. 

Thanks to its intelligent Lithium Polymer battery and brushless motor, the drone will fly to a range of 1600 m when using a controller and 800 m when flying with a WiFi connection. It also uses an ergonomic 2.4Hz transmitter with an LED screen to bolster the whole flying experience.


This drone is fitted with a 2K FHD camera that allows you to capture high-quality footage at a resolution of 2048 by 1152p. The camera can tilt 90 degrees and a shock absorption holder helps to keep it stable in the face of vibrations.

The camera is also 5G-enabled, which ensures that the FPV live video streaming is fast and seamless. Quite impressive for such a tiny quadcopter!


You can’t exhaust the amazing features on this drone. The intelligent flight functions such as follow-me mode, custom-flight mode, as well as orbit mode, simplify piloting of the quadcopter. 

You’ll also enjoy the return-home function and simple controls on the transmitter that allows novices to fly without much trouble. Finally, the drone flies stealthily, ensuring that your neighbors don’t have to deal with a noise nuisance.

The only downside, I have not been able to find where you can buy spare batteries, hopefully Holy Stone makes some available fairly soon.

Nov. 2023 Update: Holy Stone now sells a replacement battery, which you can view here.


  • Easy to Control
  • 2K Video
  • Packed with features
  • Best controller in it's class


  • Long charging time

4.DJI Tello - Best Sub $100 Drone

DJI Tello

"Cyber Monday Budget Option"

The DJI Tello drone is a great choice to pick up this Cyber Monday if you’re shopping for the total beginner.

One of the first things that stood out about the Tello drone is that they've made it simple to fly. Feel safe with the Tello; even if you've never flown a drone before, we're certain that you'll pick it up quickly. 

For experienced and more confident pilots, there are enough bells and whistles that'll keep you entertained.

It is a quadcopter that looks remarkably similar to the outstanding and extremely popular DJI Spark. The similarities don't end there - but more on that later. Let's get to know more about its features.


We've come to expect a flight period of 5 to 7 minutes. Fortunately, you can find a whole lot more, and you'll enjoy a flight time of 13 minutes with the Tello. That compares with drones such as the DJI Spark and others in the $500 price range.

Further specifications are:

  • Range: 100 meters
  • Battery: 3.8V 1100 mAh
  • Size: 9.80 x 9.25 x 4.10 cm (3.86 x 3.64 x 1.61 inches)
  • Weight: 80 grams, including battery


The camera is also good for a drone in this budget. The Tello includes a 5MP camera with an 82.6-degree field of view and shoots 720p video at 30 frames per second.

The Tello also has digital image stabilization (EIS) for significantly less blur and enhanced footage on the go. The Intel processor ensures excellent footage.

The Tello drone has EZ Shots to make the camera much more accurate. That makes shooting easier and more enjoyable. The drone streams to a tablet/smartphone or a VR headset.


The list of features is extensive, here goes:

  • Pressure Sensor Altitude Hold 
  • One-Touch Take-Off and Landing
  • Twist and Go - Throw It, It Goes
  • DJI Tello Tricks - 8D Flips
  • Bounce Mode - The Tello bounces up and down from your hand (or any other surface) at heights between 1.6 ft and 3.9 ft.
  • Vision positioning system

I think we haven't forgotten any! It's that overwhelming. Truly a feature-rich quadcopter, no other cheap drone under $100 can compare to this.


  • Best in class camera (5 MP)
  • Very easy to fly
  • Assembly takes less than 10 min
  • Best in class fly time of 13 min
  • Amazing Specifications


  • 100 m Range

5. Ruko F11 Drone -  $50 off for Cyber Monday!

Ruko F11 Pro

"Cheap GPS Option"

The Ruko F11 drone is a great deal this Cyber Monday because it’s marked down by $50.

This drone allows you to squeeze your budget even further but still provides you with a variety of top-quality features that you won’t find in other drones under $500. It surely gives the DJI Mavic Mini a run for its money!

While most of its peers will give you a flight time of just about 20 minutes, the F11 Pro triples this with an industry-leading flight time of 60 minutes

It comes with two batteries and you get 30 minutes of flight time from each. This means you’ll have more than enough time enjoying this drone and its features once it takes flight.


You can thank the high capacity 22500mAh intelligent battery for this. And to ensure that your flying time will not be cut short, the drone is fitted with powerful brushless motors that do not overheat. 

The Ruko F11 Pro has a compact rectangular design that you can conveniently fold and stash in your backpack when you want to travel. 

Its folding propeller arms ensure that you don’t even have to remove the propellers for quick and easy folding. 

However, the drone weighs in at around 520g, which is more than the 250g FAA limit required to fly drones. 

This means you’ll have to register your drone with the FAA before you can fly it. 

The drone’s powerful brushless motors allow it to reach a maximum hovering height of 120 meters while its 2.4GHz transmitter ensures that you can control the drone to a flight range of 1219 meters without losing the signal. 


The F11 Pro boasts an impressive 4K camera that can be adjusted over 90 degrees using the remote controller. 

It has a 120-degree field of view and can capture ultra HD pictures and videos with vivid details. The footage is clear with amazing color resolution, just what you need for your aerial photography.

The drone also offers 5GHz FPV capabilities, which allow you to share real time videos on your smartphone with a transmission range of 500 meters. But first, you must download the Ruko app to do this.


The transmitter is as stylish as the drone and will fit snugly into your palms.

Its lightweight design also ensures that you won’t feel fatigued from holding it through the entire flight time. And a smartphone holder safely attaches your phone to the controller for the FPV experience. 

We can’t leave out the numerous intelligent flight modes offered by this remarkable drone.

 You’ll also enjoy flight functions like GPS, high and low-speed modes, headless mode, one key landing, and takeoff, Follow Me, etc. all of which make flying easier for beginner pilots while making things interesting for advanced users.  


  • 4K UHD FPV camera, intelligent flight modes
  • Unbelievably long flight time (30 min per battery)
  • Easy to control
  • 2.4GHz transmitter for a long flight range


6. Holy Stone HS510 - Best Sub $200 Deal

Holy Stone HS510

"Cheap GPS Option"

The name Holy Stone has become synonymous with "quality at a reasonable price" in the drone market. You've probably heard about at least one Holy Stone drone before you came here.  

With that in mind, the Holy Stone HS510 is the go-to model for people that want to learn how to fly a drone - and wish to accomplish that without spending too much money.

Still, the question remains: 

Does Holy Stone make drones as good as everyone makes them out to be, or is it nothing but a passing hype? 

While there's no denying that Holy Stone offers some advanced, feature-rich drones at affordable prices, I try my best to avoid generalizations. 

Instead, let's look at it one drone at a time – like in this Holy Stone HS510 review. Here's an in-depth analysis of its specs, features, and everything else that makes it stand out in the highly competitive market.  


The Holy Stone HS510 comes fitted with a 7.6V Li-Po 1500 mAh battery, which should be enough for a maximum flight time of 16 minutes on a single charge. 

The battery performance isn't exactly industry-leading, but it sure blows some of the competing beginner-friendly quadcopters out of the water. 

Plus, I'd say that the flight time is long enough for beginners to get the hang of piloting a drone!

Even if you end up pushing your drone to its absolute limits, you'll be glad to hear that it features not one but two rechargeable batteries. 

It’s easy to fly - which makes it ideal for beginners - and offers a hard-to-beat experience of capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

The HS510 gets bonus points for the compact-but-stylish design of the remote controller. The LCD screen displays vital in-flight information, including the battery status, and the drone's distance and altitude. 

The relatively compact remote controller, which relies on low-latency 2.4 GHz frequency, can maintain the drone's connection within a range of up to 600 to 800 meters. Switching to FPV real-time video transmission cuts the field down to 200 to 300 meters, though.

As with any other drone, you should fly it in open, obstacle-free spaces to get the best possible range.

The controller unit is powered by two AA batteries, which can be considered an advantage because you don't have to wait for it to recharge. On the flip side, disposable batteries aren't exactly eco-friendly; this isn't necessarily a downside, merely something to keep in mind.


The HS510 is a camera-equipped quadcopter, featuring a 4K Ultra HD camera with a 120-degree wide field of view. 

It's capable of taking crystal-clear aerial photography, and can shoot 4K videos at 16 frames per second or 2.7K videos at 25 frames per second, depending on the storage you're using. 

The camera has single-axis gimbal stabilization, which isn't as effective as a three-axis gimbal. So, the videos will likely come out a bit shakier than you'd prefer. You get to adjust the camera angle by up to 90 degrees – but only manually. Once the HS510 is in the air, there's not much you can do.  

Oh, and one more thing: 

The HS510 allows you to see the world from the bird's eye perspective – and in real-time, too – with low-latency 5G-enabled FPV video transmission. You'll see everything your quadcopter sees at distances of up to 200 to 300 meters. 


  • Point of Interest
  • Draw a Path
  • Tap Fly
  • Optical Flow Positioning
  • Smart Return Home
  • PROS

    • Easy to use
    • High-quality camera
    • Intelligent flight modes
    • 32-minute flight time


    • It should offer better control stability

    7. Contixo F22 GPS Drone with Camera

    Contixo F22

    If you already have some experience flying drones, then the next logical step is getting yourself a model that comes with a camera. In the past, getting a drone with a 4k camera would set you back for a couple of thousands of dollars.

    Thankfully, the manufacturing process has been refined and the cost have plummeted in the past decade. Today, you can quite a few quadcopters that come with a decent camera and are decently priced.

    One such drone is the Contixio F22. This affordable drone comes with a wide angle 4K camera, GPS assisted flight, and a carrying case.

    Let’s take a closer look at what the F22 has to offer.


    As we mentioned before, one of the most important specs of any drone is the flight time. Contixion F22 is capable of flaying for around 15 minutes on a full charge. While this is far from the longest flight time, it’s pretty decent for a low-end drone.

    Thankfully, the F22 comes with an extra battery so you effectively get around half an hour of flight time. The recharge time is around 120 minutes which means you’ll have to wait for a while before you can start flying again.

    The range on the F22 is also pretty surprising for a budget drone. The F22 has a control range of around 1800 feet. With this much range, you’ll have no problem taking incredible aerial shots. Unfortunately, there’s no video stabilization but you can expect that from a budget drone.


    Contixio F22 comes with a wide-angle 4K camera. The camera can record video in 2K FHD resolution and take stills in 4K. The only thing we don’t like about the camera is that there is no stabilization - it doesn’t come with a gimbal.

    But, when you factor in that this is a drone that’s under $200, you get more than you paid for.


    The F22 comes with a whole slew of useful features. For starters, this comes with gesture control. If you make a “yeah” gesture, the drone will start taking photos and if you make a “palm” gesture, the drone will start video recording.

    The most useful feature is definitely the custom flight path. In the Contixio drone app, you can plot a route by simply adding points on the map. The app supports up to 16 points which is more than enough for taking aerial footage.

    Another cool feature is the follow mode. You can set the F22 to follow you while you’re riding a bike, skate, or doing any other activity. This is perfect if you’re an outdoorsy type that likes capturing every moment.

    You can also set this drone to orbit around a preset point. You can use this mode to create dynamic videos and capture action in 360 degrees.

    When it comes to safety, the F22 comes with an auto ‘return home’ feature. This feature will fly the drone back to you with just one press of a button. The drone will also automatically fly back to you if it gets out of range.


    • Superb camera
    • Comes with an extra battery and a memory stick
    • Comes with quite a few useful features


    • No image stabilization
    • Can record video in only 2K

    Cyber Monday FAQ

    When is Cyber Monday 2023?

    Cyber Monday 2023 is on November 28, 2023.

    Where can I buy drones on Cyber Monday?

    Drones will be available to purchase from most online retail shops. Be sure to check out Amazon and other major retailers such as Best Buy for online deals and discounts.

    Where can I find deals for Cyber Monday?

    Retailers often announce their Cyber Monday deals shortly before Thanksgiving around the same time that Black Friday deals are announced. The best way to see what kind of discounts are available is to subscribe to email lists or search online.

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