29 October 2021

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Holy Stone HS110

Amazing Value For Money Drone

Holy Stone HS110 comes at a price that many enthusiasts will afford but offers a variety of useful features that you’d only expect from more expensive models.

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Holy Stone HS110 Review

The popularity around drone technology keeps on increasing by the day as these sophisticated machines keep on fascinating new fans with their applications. Manufacturers are incorporating the latest technology in their products to have easy maneuverability, awesome mid-air stunts, and great camera capabilities while keeping the costs low and prices affordable.

One company that has tried to integrate all these specs in their quadcopter series is Holy Stone. And their HS110 model is a good example of the amount of quality you can get from a cost-friendly model. So, what does the HS110 have to offer?

Below, we will decipher this with the following in-depth review of the Holy Stone HS110 review. Let us first start by looking at the different features it has:

Key Specs

Flight Time

7-9 minutes

Control Range

Transmitter 100m, WiFi 30-50m


2MP, 1280 by 720p, HD Camera


3.7V 650mAh LiPo Battery

Charge time 

About 1hour


4 Speed Adjustment

HS110 at a Glance

The Holy Stone HS110 comes with more than a dozen hi-tech features that help to power the level of performance it offers. Let us take a closer look at some of these features below:

Flight Time

The Holy Stone HS110 allows you a playtime of about 8 minutes when the battery is full, which might not be as much what you get from its sibling, the HS700 but is still a decent time for you to have fun with the quadcopter. Not to mention that it costs way less.

You can credit the flight time to the 3.7V 650mAh Lithium-polymer battery the drone employs. There is a USB power charge port on the quadcopter that makes it easy for you to charge the battery without needing to take it out.

You’ll also like that it only takes just about an hour for the battery to fully charge, which is among the fastest charging times in the industry.

I suggest buying an extra battery to increase the flight time and bring about an element of continuity in your fun drone experience. 

holy stone hs110 flight time

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Holy Stone F181 Drone Review - Camera

The F181 packs a small HD camera that shoots 2MP photos, which I feel is quite generous for a drone in its price range. The camera shoots stills at 1280 by 720 and offers you a 120-degree field of view, enabling you to capture decent quality shots from above when playing around with your friends and family.

The 720p camera also allows you to record some pretty crisp videos. Even without the 4K resolution on the DJI Pro, you’ll still be able to capture great memories you spend with your family.

I suggest engaging the hover mode before taking the photos to prevent the images from coming out slightly blurry. This is because the camera’s sensor isn’t fast enough to stay in pace with the speed of the moving drone.

However, I didn’t like that you can’t angle or rotate the camera to get a wider view. 

If you need to take a photo at an angle, you’ll have to manipulate the yaw and pitch of the drone, which may prove challenging for a beginner.

Overall, the camera quality doesn’t come close to what you get on higher-priced drones. But it’s just perfect for a hobbyist looking to have fun with a cheap quadcopter camera and offers great practice before graduating into more professional aerial photography devices.


This drone features a range of between 50-100 meters, which is not great but something you can comfortably work with. It uses a 2.4GHz remote control that boasts great ergonomics made out of plastic material.

Even with the AA batteries inside, the controller remains lightweight and fun to operate, although it feels kind of cheap.

By using the remote controller, you’ll be able to choose the power mode you prefer, which ranges from 25 to 50 and 100%. This allows you to select the amount of power that best suits your skill level.

The controller also lets you get experimental with the drone by doing flips and other maneuvers in the air.

It also comes with an LED light to allow flying the drone in the dark and let you know that the battery is about to run out.

holy stone range

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The F181 quadcopter is no speed demon, but it does move swiftly in a calm and windless atmosphere, especially during ascents. The small size and little weight of the machine make it quite agile in the air.

The drone has various speed levels that enable you to select the one you prefer as you practice and develop your handling skills. There are four different speed levels, that include low, medium, high, as well as expert.

I recommend that you begin on the low-speed mode and practice the basics before progressing to the subsequent modes as you gradually improve your aerial maneuvers. This way, you’ll have enough time to enjoy your quadcopter before trying your hand at more advanced models.

Given how pocket-sized the drone is, it’s not quite wind-resistant and this is something you might need to be wary of when flying it outdoors. The best time to fly it would be when the environment is relatively calm or indoors.

Flying Experience

The drone has two modes of flying. The first one is slow and recommended for beginners. Mode two is what this drone is meant to do, really fast flying. In this case, speed equals fun. It handles great, really stable in flight, auto height hold works without a problem, so do does the auto take-off function. Autoland function can really be used only close to the ground. Pushing it when the drone is high will result in the drone basically falling down. The range is around 250 ft.

Differences Between the F181 C, W, and G

One thing you should know is that the F181 quadcopter is available in three different versions with a few differences that may not easily be distinguishable. However, the key contrast lies in the FPV addition on the W and G models that allows you to receive live video feed on your phone via WiFi.

The three F181 models also have differing size dimensions and weight. The same is true when you go to order them online. They all have unique prices, with the C model being the cheapest and the G model being the costliest.

Other than the above, the three models seem to offer a variety of similar features.

Holy Stone Model









31 x 9 x 31"

12.2 x 12.2 x 3.3"

16.7 x 9.1 x 4.2”





Flight Time

7 – 10mins

7 – 10mins







50 – 100m

50 – 100m


Charging Time





What Do We Like?

Among the features I enjoyed the most on the F181 is the FPV live video transmission. This ensures that the camera transmits live video footage to your smartphone via WiFi; although you’ll first need to download the Holy Stone app before connecting it to your controller through the WiFi settings.

I also like that the drone comes ready to fly straight out of the box. It only requires a few final touches like inserting the battery, attaching the camera, propeller, etc. and it will be ready to go.

Overall, the quadcopter has a user-friendly interface, which makes it the ideal choice for beginners. Everything from unpacking to the controls and flying makes for a very short learning curve.

The camera is also decent for a device in its price range and offers enough features to capture unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And the return-to-home function is a first when it comes to drones in its class.

What Don’t We Like?

Flying the quadcopter in strong winds proved to be a disaster. The small frame of the device means it cannot stand its ground in the face of such winds, and controlling it in this kind of an environment is a daunting task.

The low resolution of the 2MP camera results in underwhelming stills and shaky videos which can’t be used professionally. But then again you have to consider that this is a low-cost drone.

The flight time is also relatively low and the battery takes quite a while to fully charge. This can prematurely interrupt the fun you are having with your friends during playtime.


  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple safety features
  • Great price, live video transmission
  • LED night lights and intuitive controls


  • Unstable in powerful winds
  • Long charging time

Advice to Buyers

The F181 series from Holy Stone proves to be functional with nice features to provide you with exciting playtime. I would recommend it to anyone looking to fly their first drone, given the general ease of use that the series provides to users. 

Obviously, if you're looking to do professional photography/videography, you're going to need to spend more than 0 on a drone, (DJI Spark or something better).


The Holy Stone F181 is a fun and easy drone to fly. Despite its small frame, it stacks a host of features that you’ll find useful when flying the quadcopter. The flight time, range, and overall performance are decent enough to meet, if not exceed, any beginner’s expectation of their first drone experience.

While you may not get the kind of camera quality to use in your professional endeavors, it is a nice budget option to practice your aerial photography skills as you wait to take more expensive and complex drone options. 

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