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Walkera F210

Amazing Value For Money Drone

The Walkera F210 is engineered to allow all levels of drone racers to fly it straight out of the box. It is incredibly fast, stable, and agile in the air, with the ability to perform flips and rolls effortlessly. The control range is more than decent for a drone racer and the flight time is enough to see you through your race.

Walkera F210 Review

Drone racing is one of the fastest-growing sports in modern times. It is fast, exciting, and causes an adrenaline rush to keep you on the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many dedicated racing drones in the market, and some enthusiasts resort to tweaking and customizing the average drones to get them to be race-ready.

However, if you are willing to pay a little more, there are a few racing models straight out of the box. One such quadcopter is the Walkera F210. If you have an urge  to get a taste of drone racing, this is just the model you need to welcome you into this exciting sport.

But before you get too excited, let us first review the Walkera F210 and see if it's worth your money!

Key Specs

Charging Time 

2 hours

Flight Time

16 Minutes

Control Range

300 m


7.4V 1200mAh 4S Li-Po battery


Night vision 700TVL camera

Walkera F210 at a Glance

The Walkera F210 is super-fast, extra tough, and comes stacked with high-performance features. It was designed in every respect to be the next generation “plug n play” professional quad racer! Let us look at the features it has to offer.

Flight Time

On the package, the Walkera F210 offers a flight time of 12 minutes but when you fly it in real-world conditions, the drone will manage just under 10 minutes. Now, this may seem very little when you’re flying an ordinary drone, but for a racing quadcopter flying at high speed, it will suffice to make the most of your drone racing experience.

Thanks to years of experience in structural design, the manufacturer fitted a high-capacity 4S Li-Po battery pack, which provides high rate discharge performance. The optimized electric core and TX76 have a seamless interaction that enables you to fly longer and safer.

It requires about 1.5 hours to fully recharge the battery, which is among the fastest times by industry standards. There is always the option to buy an extra battery to extend your playtime.

Control Range

This quad racer can be controlled to a range of 800m. Its flight controls are handled by the reliable DEVO 7 transmitter, which is available in mode 1 and 2. The DEVO 7 feels good in the palms although it’s heavier than your standard drone controller. It is also powered by 8 1.5V AA batteries.

Camera and FPV Experience

FPV Camera

The F210 is equipped with a high-definition 700TVL camera with one million pixels and a night vision lens that allows you to fly in the dark. Its high-performance photosensitive sensors automatically adjust depending on the brightness to ensure that your view is as clear as possible. When flying in the dark, the chip will switch to an infrared mode for you to navigate the drone safely.

Another advantage of this camera is that there is no restriction on the light, which lets you fly the F210 both during the day and at night. The super-vision lens can turn 120 degrees to offer different perspectives on the detailed views when you’re racing. With an easy-to-access placement of the camera on the drone, you’ll have an easy time adjusting it.

The F210 camera is compatible with Google4 FPV glasses; the mushroom antenna at the top offers excellent transmission for images, as well as telemetry data. This is provided via an OSD that can be switched off if you wish.  

Unfortunately. This camera won’t record videos or shoot still images; you can only see the real-time images via the glasses!

A micro SD card slot has also been included to cater to your file storage needs. This can support a maximum memory of 32GB but you’ll have to buy one separately. You can also take advantage of the FPV feature for a more immersive experience.

Overall, the Ruko U11 camera quality is more than you could ask from an entry-level drone. It will impress even advanced drone users!

Flight Experience

The Walkera F210 is a fast and powerful machine! Its flight characteristics are due to its stable design. The drone features wheelbase equality to allow for a low COG battery placement, ideal for a racing drone.   The F3 flight control board furthermore makes this drone a legitimate racing thoroughbred.

Made out of carbon fiber and an innovative alloy body design, the drone comes with very rugged construction to cope with any bumps and crashes. Apart from its proven toughness, the F210 is designed like an F1 car, for maximum speed. It is fitted with brushless motors powering the drone to make for stable in-flight performance.

Walkera flying experience

All these high-quality features help to deliver a super-fast drone that will leave your competition in the dust. Overall, the Walkera F210 feels smooth in the air and relatively easy to fly. It is easy to maintain a stable hover and impresses with the ability to perform various aerial tricks. The quad is agile on turns and can reach speeds of up to 50mph.

Fortunately, there are three different flying modes, ranging from beginner to expert level. Whether you’re an experienced drone racer or a beginner curious about the sport, the Walkera F210 will be a great option for you!

What Do We Like?

The Walkera F210 was engineered for drone racing! It mixes a streamlined design with rugged body construction to make for fast and stable performance, ideal for racing. Furthermore, it is shockproof to ensure your investment is always protected.

The drone is fitted with an HD camera with a night vision lens and IR capabilities. This allows you to fly the drone both at night and during the day.

The FPV experience is quite immersive and comes in handy if you want to take your drone racing experience to the next level.

There are three flying modes, ranging from beginner, intermediate, to racing mode. This allows you to customize your flying according to your level of experience.


  • Fast yet stable (50 mph!)
  • Tough construction and good FPV camera
  • Efficient brushed motors, different flying modes
  • Intelligent flight modes

What Don’t We Like?

The Walkera F210 camera cannot record videos or take still photos. Since its designed to be a racer, it only has FPV streaming.

The DEVO 7 controller is cluttered with controls and this can be a little bit overwhelming for a beginner drone racer.

Finally, this drone does not come cheap! You’ll need to part with just under $600 to get your hands on a new model.


  • Expensive
  • Can’t record footage
  • Heavy transmitter

Advice to Buyers

If you’re tired of conservative drone flying, maybe it’s time you try drone racing. The Walkera F210 is proving to be among the most sought-after quad racers in the market; it will be the ideal machine to get you started on this exciting sport.
But you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to afford it. Fortunately, you will realize it’s all worth it when you put the drone to the test.

Walkera F210 review


Overall, the Walkera F210 is engineered to allow all levels of drone racers to fly it straight out of the box. It is incredibly fast, stable, and agile in the air, with the ability to perform flips and rolls effortlessly. The control range is more than decent for a drone racer and the flight time is enough to see you through your race.
If you can afford it, this is a drone to buy for your drone racing experience!!!

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