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Holy Stone HS720E

Amazing Value For Money Drone

The HS720E quadcopter is a new release from Holy Stone that comes with upgraded specifications. It boasts amazing features on its small frame that may very well be a game-changer in the world of entry-level drones.

Holy Stone HS720E Review

When it comes to the production of consumer drones, Holy Stone is one of the industry leaders with a reputation for producing high-performance quadcopters. Their latest release, the HS720, promises to offer an exciting flying experience to drone enthusiasts around the world.

Being an upgrade of the HS700 model, HS720E features many new and improved features that you’ll love. In this review, we will consider all the specs that make the HS720 drone stand out from the competition.

It will also be a good time to try and figure out the direction the company is taking as far as the future of consumer drone making is concerned.

Key Specs

Charge time

5-7 hours

Flight Time

26 minutes 

Control Range

Transmitter 1600 meters / WiFi 800 meters


Lithium Polymer battery


New 4K FHD 5G Camera

HS720 at a Glance

The HS720 quadcopter from Holy Stone is equipped with a range of improved and intelligent features to provide a fresh lease of life in the world of personal drone flying. Let us look at the different specifications and how the drone performs:

Flight Time 

The flight time on this quadcopter is surely going to bring a smile to many faces. Holy Stone did a good job of ensuring that you’ll get around minutes of playtime with the HS720 before the battery runs out; a huge improvement from their previous drone releases.

This is thanks to the intelligent Lithium Polymer battery that the drone is equipped with, as well as the long-lasting brushless motor with a low power consumption rate.

 This also means that you get a quiet flight so that you don’t become a nuisance to your neighbors. 

The battery will, however, require 5-7 hours of charging to top up, which is something that I wish Holy Stone would have done better.

You probably want to get a spare battery, which you can see here.

It would be a long wait for anybody who’s enjoying the flight experience.

This also brings in the issue of replacement batteries - you’ll have to get a pair of spare batteries to supply a casual afternoon playtime.


hs720 4k camera

The HS720 is equipped with a 4K FHD camera that will enable you to shoot quality images and high-resolution videos at 3840 by 2160p.

The camera lens can tilt 90°, allowing you to see the world from a variety of angles.

You’ll also appreciate the shock absorption holder the camera is built with to keep the camera stable in the face of vibrations.

This results in clear and still images and videos that you can use for your professional endeavors. 

The 5G connectivity makes for fast and fluent FPV transmission that let you experience the world around you in real-time.

A drone app ensures that you can control the drone from anywhere you go and share your footage with a single click on the app.


This drone comes with a remote-control range of 1600 meters (5250 feet), which is a significant improvement compared to the HS700 and HS100.

This ensures that you can capture amazing footage of distant landscapes and other physical features with utmost convenience.

The 2.4GHz transmitter it uses will allow the drone to remain in range at heights of up to 3000 feet or 914 meters.

When using WiFi to live stream videos on the drone, the control range falls to 800m (2624 feet), which is still very impressive by industry standards. 

Luckily, flying the drone has been notably simplified, making things easy even for the novice quadcopter pilots.

The GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight function ensures that you never lose your drone, especially when flying it in remote regions where you can lose it from sight.

The drone will automatically return to you whenever the battery is running low or when the signal is lost. A simple click of a button guarantees that it will be back in your hands safely.

The incredible use of technology in this drone also allows you to set a predetermined flight path or make the drone follow you wherever you go.

The transmitter features an LED screen display and a button at the bottom where you can turn the drone on or off.

A small light has been added to make flying the device in the dark possible, as well as right-hand throttle mode for convenient flying for the lefties. 

With a pair of AA batteries powering the controller, you won’t need to charge the remote often. This is another handy feature that you’ll find in the latest Holy Stone remotes.

Flying Experience

Overall, the HS720 is a joy to fly! And you can credit this to the wonderful job done by the design team at Holy Stone. They considered all the shortcomings and customer grievances from their past releases to create a wonderful piece of technology.

Although minute in stature, this drone feels heavier than it looks. It has a sturdy frame that helps to keep it stable in a light wind. The transmitter is comfortable in hand and comes with ergonomic joysticks for controlling the drone.

The controls have been clearly laid out to make piloting the quadcopter easy even for novice enthusiasts. This simplicity is reinforced by the GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight function with the orbit mode, follow-me mode, and custom flight path mode.

The flight is quiet and responsive while the camera works great and can easily be adjusted. I must say - for a low budget drone, Holy Stone produced a wonderful product, considering all the features you find on the HS720.

What Do We Like?

The quality of the HS720 quadcopter will strike you straight out of the box. When unpacking it, you’ll notice the solid plastic casing that carries the drone, as well as the controller and other accessories.

This will prove to be quite convenient when you want to move around and save you the trouble of finding an extra bag. 

According to the manufacturer, you’ll get up to 26 minutes of playtime with this drone, which is more than what you’ll need to record breathtaking footage or play around with your friends.

Another benefit of the HS720 is its general ease of use. The controls are simple and straightforward even for a learner who’s just discovered the joy of drone flying. It only takes a click of a button to start the drone or land it. 

The 4K Ultra-HD camera is more than you’d ever wish for in a drone at such an affordable price range. You’ll be able to capture amazing footage with this drone for your personal and even commercial use.

Finally, the strong battery and brushless motor on the drone provide a great range for such a small quadcopter. You will capture incredible videos of remote landscapes and other natural phenomena with HS720.

What Don’t We Like?

My major concern about the HS720 quadcopter lies in the battery charging time. Having to wait for 5-7 hours before you can continue flying the drone may seem like an eternity. However, this issue can easily be solved with an extra replacement battery.

I’m sure this is something the company is looking into and will provide a viable solution very soon.

Update: Holy Stone now sells a replacement battery:

Holy Stone Spare Battery for HS720 & HS720E GPS...
  • Color Black. Original 7.4V 2800 mAh for HS720 & HS720E GPS Drone
  • When charging, the charging indicator light of the battery will flash green quickly and the power indicator...
  • When fully charged, the green and red light will turn solid.



Advice to Buyers

The HS720 is a high-performance quadcopter that has proven to be an industry game-changer for drones in its price range.

It comes equipped with a range of amazing features and utilizes some of the latest technology to bolster the flying experience for both new and experienced enthusiasts.

For just under $300, this is an amazing piece of technology that will easily fall within your budget and one that I’ll readily recommend to anyone looking for a satisfying drone experience.


Whether you are a new entrant into the drone flying scene or an avid enthusiast searching for a better drone experience, the HS720 promises to offer you the time you are hoping for.

It is easy to operate and comes with several exciting features that you won’t even find in higher priced quadcopters.

The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank when acquiring this remarkable consumer drone.

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