Longest Flight Time Drone for 2020 – 5 Camera Drones With Super Long Flight Times

One of the chief complaints among drone owners through the years has been short flight time. Don’t you just hate it when your drone suddenly “returns home” when you’ve barely started shooting your video documentary because of the dwindling battery life?

I’m sure you can relate!

And even though it would be prudent to bring along extra batteries while piloting your drone, the hassle of changing the batteries can cause you to miss an important aspect in your shot and mess up the whole recording.

Luckily, with technological advancements, some manufacturers are producing drones that can take flight and stay airborne beyond our expectations. 

In this post, we present to you the longest flight time drone you can buy this new year!

In a Hurry…?

Our best overall pick drone with the longest flight time is the DJI Mavic Pro 2.

It offers you 31 mutes of flight time which cannot be rivaled. Not to mention that you get a slew of high-quality features that make for one of the best drone flying experience you can have.

The table below provides a quick summary of our top 5 picks for the longest flight time for a drone.

Top 3 Long Flight Time Drones for 2020

Our #1 Rated
DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Drone Quadcopter UAV with...
Mavic Pro 2
5 out of 5
"Editor's Choice"
  • The Mavic Pro 2 is equipped with a 4K UHD Camera with a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal.

  • It offers a long flight time of 31 minutes, and an extremely long 18km flight range!

  • When you take all these features into account, it's hard not to give the Mavic Pro 2 the #1 spot!
Our #1 Rated
5 out of 5
"Editor's Choice"
Our #2 Rated
DJI Mavic Mini - Drone FlyCam Quadcopter with 2.7K...
Mavic Mini
4.5 out of 5
"The Best Budget Option"
  • The Mini is equipped with a 2.7K FHD Camera with a 3-axis stabilization system.

  • Flight Time is up to 30 minutes and the Flight Range can go up to a whopping 5km!

  • Other than having no obstacle avoidance, the Mavic Mini boasts great specifications and features at a very affordable price, which is what makes it our budget pick.
Our #2 Rated
4.5 out of 5
"The Best Budget Option"
Value For Money Pick
Autel Robotics EVO Drone Camera with Cinematic 4K...
Autel Robotics
4.5 out of 5
"Value-For-Money Pick"
  • 12MP 4K Camera That Records at 60 fps

  • The Flight time goes up to 30 minutes and the range is 7km, coupled with an exceptionally long battery life.

  • This drone offers the most value relative to its cost.
Our Upgrade Option
4.5 out of 5
"Best Value for money spent."

Longest Flight Time Drones - Individual Reviews

1. DJI Mavic Pro 2 - Best Overall Pick

DJI Mavic Pro 2

"Simply the Best - No need to consider another drone in this review until the competition catches up"

Check Price

When it comes to producing portable consumer drones, DJI is one of the go-to guys in the industry. And this is showcased by the amazing DJI Mavic Pro 2.

Apart from long flight time, it also comes with a slew of high-performance specifications that would make any drone pilot’s dream come true!

This longest flight time drone offers a whopping 31 minutes of flight time on a full charge, which is currently the longest flight time you can get from a consumer drone. 

It also has an extremely long range of about 18km and can reach a maximum speed of 44mph despite its 907g take-off weight.


A good reason you’ll find many professional drone pilots choosing this drone is the camera quality it brings. The Mavic Pro 2 is fitted with a 4K UHD Hasselblad camera that allows for breathtaking aerial photography.

It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor on the camera, which is almost four times larger than the imager on the Mavic 2 Zoom’s lens. The sensor’s larger surface area allows for enhanced image resolution (20MP), and an even higher-quality video delivery.

The drone shoots 4K footage at 100Mbps and features a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera in mid-air for very clear shots. It has 8GB of internal storage capacity, as well as a microSD card slot that can accommodate 128GB of memory.


Naturally, you’d expect more from a drone that will cost you more than $1,500 than just long flight time. The Mavic 2 doesn’t disappoint with a host of intelligent flight functions.

The drone uses an automatic and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system that ensures your expensive investment won’t collide with trees, cables, posts, and any other thing blocking its flight path.

Included in the package is a compact and ergonomic controller with a monochrome display where you can track your battery status, telemetry data, and other important information.

It has a short, changeable cable that you can connect to your smartphone, which is mounted below the controller and held in place by two clips.

Just like other DJI drones, the Mavic Pro 2 uses the DJI GO 4 app, which can freely be downloaded on Android and IOS devices. 

The app offers control over the drone camera while showing its point of view at 1080p resolution.

On the downside, the Mavic Pro 2 can pose a bit of a challenge for newbie enthusiasts to operate, given its highly advanced features.

You also needed to register this drone with longest flight time with the FAA before flying it recreationally in public airspace. 

Finally, be prepared to dent your account balance because it will cost you an arm and a leg! 


  • High-quality camera
  • Longest flight time
  • 12MP Built-in Camera, 2.7K Video
  • Extremely long flight range
  • 3-axis gimbal


  • FAA registration
  • Not best for beginners

2. DJI Mavic Mini - Best Budget Pick

If you’re looking for a cheaper DJI drone alternative, the Mavic Mini is a “pocket Hercules” packing an abundance of high-quality features that you won’t find in its price range.

Both beginner and advanced camera drone pilots will have a thrill seeing this drone taking flight into the air.

The DJI Mavic Mini is a foldable camera drone that is no bigger than a smartphone and will easily fit into a small bag or large pocket.

It only weighs 0.54 lbs, making it portable enough to bring along on all your travels and adventures.

Despite its small stature, DJI did not compromise on features with this drone.

You won’t have to panic over a short flight time when piloting this drone; 30 minutes is what you get when this remarkable quadcopter takes flight on a full charge. A heck of a bargain at this price if you ask me!

You can credit this to the intelligent 2400mAh battery it is fitted with. It will also take just under 5 hours to fully recharge the empty battery, which is quite an impressive time by industry standards.

The Mavic Mini boasts an amazing control range of 5km, which I’m not even sure a hobbyist drone pilot will need to fly to.

It can reach a maximum flying speed of 30 mph, showing you just how much quality to can expect from this diminutive quadcopter.

This drone shoots high-resolution 2.7K HD videos and takes aerial photography stills at 12MP. A 3-axis gimbal fitted on the camera makes for an ultra-smooth flight performance that results in stable images and high-quality footage.

The package includes a dedicated controller with an ergonomically compact design that will fit naturally into your palms.

There is a clamp where you can attach an Android or IOS smartphone and use the phone screen to view the HD drone footage for up to 2.5miles.

Whether you’re are an experienced drone pilot, or just trying to wrap your head around flying this air vehicle, you shouldn’t have a tough time operating the Mavic Mini.

The controls are relatively user-friendly, plus the intuitive DJI Flight App comes with simple tap controls, as well as a beginner’s Flight Tutorial. 

Your investment is also protected with a range of safety features, including propeller guards that prevent damage to the blades while keeping your fingers away from injury. 

GPS and advanced vision sensors work to guarantee precision flight and a stable hover while the camera remains meticulous at all times. 

The only negative you’ll find on the DJI Mavic Mini is that there is no obstacle avoidance feature. Luckily, this does not come close to being a deal-breaker, especially when you consider the GPS and vision system that provide precision control. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Compact, foldable, and lightweight
  • Impressive top speed
  • Excellent value for money
  • Return home mode
  • One of the best long flight time drones


  • No obstacle avoidance
  • No 4K camera

3. Autel Robotics Evo - Best Value for Money Bundle

Autel Robotics Evo

"The next step up if you have more than $500 to spend"

Check Price

If you feel like taking a break from the DJI drones, the Autel Robotics Evo is a great option that you can consider. 

This exquisite quadcopter features drop-dead gorgeous looks to go with a range of quality features any enthusiast would want in their drone.

The Autel Robotics Evo stands out with its charming blend of bright orange and subtle black color scheme. This makes it easy to spot any time it takes flight high into the air against the bright sky.

The drone has a nice folding design and will only add around 2 pounds to your backpack, making it conveniently portable when you are on the move. But this is not what gets the Evo to the third place on our list:

This drone has a remarkably long battery life, and hence, flight time. 

According to the manufacturer, you will get around 30 minutes of flight time, although actual testing in real-world conditions will give you about 25 minutes of flight time. 

This is still slightly more than what you get from the parrot bebop 2 or yuneec q500.

The drone also comes with a range of 7 kilometers, which it can get to at a pretty fast max speed of 44mph

Luckily, obstacle detection sensors have been fitted on the nose and tail to ensure that the drone stops on a dime when it encounters a blockade in its flight path.

When it comes to camera quality, the Autel Robotics goes a step further than the Mavic Mini by offering a 12MP 4K camera that can record videos and shoot stills at 60fps. 

This drone matches the notably more expensive Mavic Pro 2 with a 1-inch sensor that allows for enhanced video resolution.

Unfortunately, this long flight time drone has no internal memory. However, it does come with a single micoSD card slot with 32GB memory card included. This should give you sufficient space to store all your drone recordings during the time spent flying it.

The drone is delivered with a compact remote control that features a 3.3-inch full-color display. This enables you to fly the drone without connecting to a smartphone while still viewing the drone footage.

Easy controls allow for a hassle-free piloting experience with dedicated landing, take-off, as well as return home buttons. 

Other flight modes such as orbit, dynamic tracking, and waypoints help to enhance the flying experience. Not to mention that you get a VR headset support that immerses you into the experience while taking it to a whole new level. 

Overall, the Autel Robotics Evo is a solid compact drone with long flight time and high-end features that can match any consumer drones in the market (aside from the high-end DJI models).  


  • Long flight time
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Works well without a smartphone
  • Amazing Performance
  • Eye-catching color design
  • Eye-catching color design


  • No internal memory
  • Default video seems over-sharpened

4. Ruko F11 - Super Budget Pick

This drone allows you to squeeze your budget even further but still provides you with a variety of top-quality features that you won’t find in other drones under $500. It surely gives the DJI Mavic Mini a run for its money!

While most of its peers will give you a flight time of just about 20 minutes, the F11 Pro triples this with an industry-leading flight time of 60 minutes

It comes with two batteries and you get 30 minutes of flight time from each. This means you’ll have more than enough time enjoying this drone and its features once it takes flight.

You can thank the high capacity 22500mAh intelligent battery for this. And to ensure that your flying time will not be cut short, the drone is fitted with powerful brushless motors that do not overheat. 

The F11 Pro has a compact rectangular design that you can conveniently fold and stash in your backpack when you want to travel. 

Its folding propeller arms ensure that you don’t even have to remove the propellers for quick and easy folding. 

However, the drone weighs in at around 520g, which is more than the 250g FAA limit required to fly drones. 

This means you’ll have to register your drone with the FAA before you can fly it. 

The drone’s powerful brushless motors allow it to reach a maximum hovering height of 120 meters while its 2.4GHz transmitter ensures that you can control the drone to a flight range of 1219 meters without losing the signal. 

The F11 Pro boasts an impressive 4K camera that can be adjusted over 90 degrees using the remote controller. 

It has a 120-degree field of view and can capture ultra HD pictures and videos with vivid details. The footage is clear with amazing color resolution, just what you need for your aerial photography.

The drone also offers 5GHz FPV capabilities, which allow you to share real time videos on your smartphone with a transmission range of 500 meters. But first, you must download the Ruko app to do this.

The transmitter is as stylish as the drone and will fit snugly into your palms.

Its lightweight design also ensures that you won’t feel fatigued from holding it through the entire flight time. And a smartphone holder safely attaches your phone to the controller for the FPV experience. 

We can’t leave out the numerous intelligent flight modes offered by this remarkable drone.

 You’ll also enjoy flight functions like GPS, high and low-speed modes, headless mode, one key landing, and takeoff, Follow Me, etc. all of which make flying easier for beginner pilots while making things interesting for advanced users.  


  • 4K UHD FPV camera
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Unbelievably long flight time
  • Brushless motors
  • Really easy to fly
  • Extra propellers
  • 2.4GHz transmitter for a long flight range


  • No obstacle avoidance

The last drone on our list is the DJI Mavic Air, which goes to show you the stranglehold that DJI has on the monopoly of quality consumer drones.

Just like its siblings, this camera drone packs a wealth of advanced features and acts as the perfect midpoint between the Mavic Pro 2 and Mini as far as price is concerned. 

The Mavic Air has a compact design and weight that feels more like a tablet when you hold it. 

It folds down easily and conveniently with an easy flip of the propellers so that you can throw it into your bag without taking too much space or adding too much weight.

The transmitter is also just as compact, with a foldable design that will fit snugly into your pocket. It is comfortable to hold and features easy controls for newbies and even more buttons for super complex navigation. 

This drone offers you a flight time of just over 20 minutes.

Considerably less than the other drones we’ve reviewed and even lower than the 25 minutes you get from parrot bebop 2 and Yuneec q500. 

Luckily, you can get some extra batteries if you feel that the flight time is not enough for you.

You get a flight range of 2.5miles with a controller which scales down to just 262 feet when flying with a smartphone.

The Mavic Air can reach a maximum eye-darting speed of 42mph, and with its obstacle avoidance feature, you won’t need to worry about running your drone into midair obstacles. 

This drone flies with quite a noise, so you might want to fly it at a relatively higher altitude if you don’t want to be a nuisance to the public. You’ll love the quality of the camera on this drone.

The camera records 4K videos and shoots 12MP stills. It comes with a 1/ 2.3-inch CMOS sensor that allows for quality video delivery. The video runs at 1080p with a 120fps or 4K with 30fps. You get 8GB of internal storage space that allows you to store your files without an SD card. 

The Air is super accurate and comes with a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera for clear and high-resolution footage. It also features gesture controls and manages to follow hand swipes, as well as mimic movements.

For instance, you only need to throw up a classic “V” sign using your fingers to take a pic. 

Overall, the DJI Mavic Air impresses with its decent flight time and a host of high-end features. It is a high-performance drone that both experienced drone pilots and amateur enthusiasts will have a great time owning.


  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Small and compact quadcopter
  • High-quality 4K video
  • Automated flight modes
  • Ergonomic quad controller


  • Doesn’t support USB charging
  • Real-world flight time reduces to 18 minutes


What drone has the longest flight time that you can buy on Amazon?

The best long flight time drone that you can order on Amazon is the DJI Mavic Pro 2. DJI went out of their way to create a remarkable quadcopter that can offer you as much as 31 minutes of flight time. This is easily the longest flight time you can get in the industry.

Not to mention an unbeatable set of features on the drone that makes for an exciting and fun piloting experience. However, you can always go for the Hubsan H501S if you’re on a budget but still keen to have drones with the longest flight time! 

How long can a drone stay up in the air?

Drones will usually hover longer than they can fly. This is because hovering doesn’t involve running the motors and this conserves battery life, ensuring that you have more time in the air. This will end up adding a few minutes to the standard drone flight time, which is around 20- 25 minutes.

However, the drone flight time will also be determined by the type of drone you are buying. Usually, entry-level drones selling at an affordable price will give you anything from 5-10 minutes of flight time.

On the other hand, the best drones for consumers with the longest flight times will offer an average of 25 minutes of flight time, but come with a hefty price tag

Which drone has the longest range in this review?

The drones we’ve reviewed above offer impressive flight times. However, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 takes the day with its 31 minutes of playtime. Apart from that, you also get a set of high-end specs that any advanced drone pilot will tip their hat to!

Why are drones' flight time so short?

Short flight time is something that most drone enthusiasts dread when shopping for a quadcopter. But have you ever wondered why this is so? Well, this all boils down to the amount of energy needed to fly a drone. 

See, the blades of a drone are very short and have to rotate at a high RPM to generate enough lift. This requires a lot of energy which leads to a lot of heat build-up in the drone battery pack. This also means that it will easily deplete the energy stored, the reason why drones have short flight times. 

If you want to extend your drone flight time, make sure that you fly the quadcopter in calm conditions with very little obstacles in the atmosphere. Also, you may want to ensure that the fewest features are running for the longest flight time. 


Drone manufacturers have made the most of technological advancements to extend the flight time of consumer quadcopters to appeal to consumer preferences.

The above review provides you with one of the best long flight time drones that you can opt for if you want to spend more time flying your quadcopter. 

Depending on your budget and your level of experience, you will be lucky to own any of the above listed drone with longest flight time. 

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