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Top Budget 4K drone

A good cheap 4K drone, if you cannot afford the more expensive options from DJI, like the Mavic Air or Phantom Series.

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What’s the catch? The question emerges when you read the features of this drone. So many flight and video features, great camera, a remote with a 7” screen – at this price. UPAIR One Drone 2.7K with 7 inch Screen is manufactured by Shenzhen GTEN Innovation Technology Co from China. Is the price a strategy to push their way into the market, or just a reflection of what the drone is actually worth? They are relatively new to the drone industry, but they seem bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm. So, should you hurry up and purchase this drone before the company becomes a brand name, and the price goes up?

We will try to answer this question by analyzing its features, which will be a lengthy task.

Key Specs

Flight Time

18 minutes


120° Wide-angle 2.7K camera with CMOS Sony image sensor

Control Range

2600 feet


11,1V, 5400mAh

Charge time

90 minutes

Special features

one key take off/land, return home, follow me

UPAIR ONE DRONE 2.7K Review – Quick Glance


This is a larger drone, both by size and by weight. The dimensions are 16, 9 x 16, 9 x 8, 7inches, and the weight 2.98 pounds. It is somewhat tall because the legs need to be long in order to accommodate the large camera. The legs also accommodate the large antennas. The camera is mounted on a gimbal and is movable on two axes. There are no propeller shields on this drone, so caution is advised.  On the back of the drone, there is a slot for the battery, which is quite large.

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Upair One Drone 2.7K Review


The main feature of this drone. It is a120° Wide-angle 2.7K camera with a 1 / 2.3-CMOS Sony image sensor and can take 12 megapixels pictures, with a resolution of 2.7k videos at 30 frames per second. It has a gimbal system, which means the camera will always remain in a given position, no matter what the pitch of the drone is. You can use the gimbal on the controller to tilt the camera within -90 ° to 10 °. The video is streamed to the remote at 5, 8 GHz frequency and the range is 2600 ft. The camera body has a slot on the back for USB and SD card. The formats for Video and Photo are MOV/JP, respectively.

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The 2, 4 GHz controller is beautifully designed with a slick and minimalistic appearance. The large 7” screen is dominating the remote controller. You will not need to use your smartphone. Underneath are the steering joysticks. A little bit above are the nice metallic colored switches, and they engage the headless mode and position hold. The controls for the camera are placed on the sides at the front. All the controls are easily accessible and intuitive. The remote controller has a rechargeable battery, 11.1 V and 2200 mAh. The charger is supplied as standard in the package.

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The “smart” battery is quite powerful, 11,1V, 5400mAh, it enables up to 18 minutes of flight time. It is placed in the back of the drone, in the dedicated slot. It is easy to pull out and place back again. It takes about 1, 5 hours to charge fully. This battery is a manufacturer proprietary, so you have to buy spare batteries from the same manufacturer, and they are not cheap.

Upair One Drone 2.7K Review

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UPAIR ONE DRONE 2.7K Additional Features


You can launch or land this drone with a press of a button, which is a great feature for beginners.


Streaming video enables you to see in real time what the drone sees, so you will have the First Person View.


The screen is built in on the remote controller, so you don’t need to bring your smartphone.

Upair One Drone 2.7K Review


There is a possibility to cut the power to the drone f you see something bad is going to happen. The alarm will sound if the battery is low, or the drone is flying out of range.

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If the drone battery goes low, or it loses contact with the user, it will automatically return home.

Upair One Drone 2.7K Review

Flying Experience

This drone may be intimidating for beginners because of its price and features. The fact is that it is quite easy to fly, thanks to many flight assist features. Headless mode, auto take off and land, auto hover, fly home function… There are so many. It has a GPS Positioning Function. The GPS system will give you an accurate position of your drone. It is also integrated into the home return function (RTH). The drone will automatically return home if it senses the battery is low, or the signal is getting weak or lost.

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The position hold, altitude hold and follow me functions work great.  Even with some wind blowing, video stability is helped by the camera gimbal system. The performance that really catches the eye is that image transfer distance is 2600ft and the maximum control area is 3280ft.

What Do We Like?

  • Large size. Drone measures about 16, 9 x 16, 9 x 8, 7 inches,
  • Transmitter. Large ergonomic transmitter with built-in 7” screen
  • HD camera. A 120° Wide-angle 2.7K camera with a 1 / 2.3-CMOS Sony image sensor, suspended on a gimbal to minimize vibrations
  • FPV mode. Streaming video enables you to get the First Person View
  • Altitude hold. The drone has a very stable altitude and position hold
  • Headless mode. Headless mode is available and it makes flying easier
  • Fly Home Function. If the battery goes low or loses contact, it will return home automatically, thanks to the GPS sensors.
  • Excellent range. Image transfer distance is 2600ft and the maximum control area is 3280ft

What Don't We Like?

  • Expensive spare battery. If you want to change or buy an additional battery, it will cost you, because they are manufacturer proprietary


Compared to what this drone offers, the price is more than acceptable. Great flight assist features, combined with a great camera and excellent camera options and good consumer support make this drone a great buy.

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