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The Ruko U11

Amazing Value For Money Drone

The Ruko U11 drone will leave you pleasantly surprised considering its price. It packs a range of high-performance features on its small frame that not only makes it easy for rookies to fly but also ensure that veteran pilots have something to smile about when navigating it.
*For the time being Ruko has created a budget version of the F11, to replace the U11 at the 200 dollar price range. You can read our Ruko F11 review here

Ruko U11 Review

*For the time being Ruko has created a budget version of the F11, to replace the U11 at the 200 dollar price range. You can read our Ruko F11 review here

The search for a budget camera drone can easily turn into a wild goose chase if you don’t know where to look. With nearly all manufacturers elevating their budget quadcopter game, you’ll be hard-pressed finding a drone that not only promises the kind of performance you’re looking for but also delivers it to the letter!

Nevertheless, there are several stand out budget models in the market that have the drone community taking a keen interest. Among them is the Ruko U 11, a compact, cheaper version of the Ruko F11 quadcopter with a fair share of promising specs on its small frame. 

But what’s so interesting about this drone?

Well, let’s figure that out in the following unbiased Ruko U11 drone review!

Key Specs

Charging Time 

2.5 hours

Flight Time

20 Minutes (plus extra 20 from spare battery)

Control Range

300 m


7.4v 1200 mAh lithium polymer battery



Ruko U11 at a Glance

For an entry-level priced drone, the U11 features a range of encouraging features that will impress beginner and intermediate drone pilots alike, but I know you want to be the judge of that; so, let us put the U11 on the hot seat and analyze its features individually.

Flight Time

The manufacturer claims that the Ruko U11 offers a flight time of 20 minutes. However, when I flew it in fairly calm conditions, the drone stayed in the air for about 18 minutes. This is more than impressive for a drone in the sub-$200 price point. 

The reason it manages to fly for such a long time is due to the 7.4V lithium polymer battery it is fitted with. This new modular pack is pretty energy-efficient and lasts longer than standard batteries. It also requires just 2.5 hours to fully recharge, so you won’t have to wait too long.

But the major selling point for me was the extra battery included in the package, just as in its pricier sibling, the Ruko F11. This means you get twice the flight time, ensuring that you make the most of your drone flying sessions.

Ruko u11 flight time

Control Range

This quadcopter has a maximum control range of 300 meters when using its dedicated controller. This is relatively underwhelming by industry standards but good enough for a budget drone. The compact and minimalist controller feels natural in your palms and comes with a smartphone mount for those who want to fly with FPV.

When using the FPV, the control range drops to 150m but doesn’t take away from the fun of the experience. Rookie pilots will appreciate the GPS-enabled Auto-Return function on the drone. It ensures that the quad flies back home when the battery is low or when there is a loss of signal. 


ruko u11 camera

The camera is one of the most important aspects of any drone you buy. If you have aspirations of getting into aerial photography or filmography, you’ll be pleased by what the U11 brings to the table. 

The drone’s 4K camera can shoot professional-quality 4K stills and record 2K videos. It is also 90-degrees adjustable, allowing various perspectives of the shots you take. Supporting the camera is a uniaxial gimbal with shock absorbers that serves to keep the camera steady in breezy conditions. 

Although you should note that this is not an advanced gimbal, so expect some level of jello effect in your shots when the flying environment is windy. On the bright side, the Optical Positioning System works great when you want to record videos or shoot still images. 

A micro SD card slot has also been included to cater to your file storage needs. This can support a maximum memory of 32GB but you’ll have to buy one separately. You can also take advantage of the FPV feature for a more immersive experience.

Overall, the Ruko U11 camera quality is more than you could ask from an entry-level drone. It will impress even advanced drone users!

Flight Experience

I had a ball flying the Ruko U11! Overall, the experience is seamless and despite the small stature of the drone, it holds up well in calm conditions. You can credit this to the multiple GPS-supported functions incorporated into this device. 

The Optical Flow Positioning feature was especially special for me. It kept the drone hovering in a precise location and the selfie freak in me couldn’t help but snap away till my fingers felt numb. Being an experienced pilot, the other functions didn’t leave much of an impression on me but will be a godsend to any newbie pilot..

ruko u11 flight experience

The One tap takeoff/landing button allows you to launch the drone into the air with one simple action. You also get the Follow Me mode, which can be used to make your photo sessions more dramatic while the Auto Return is a failsafe mode that keeps amateur pilots from losing the drone when they fly it out of range. 

To add on to all that, you get fun modes like the Tap Fly, Point of Interest, Circle Fly, and GPS Hold, leaving you with a feature-rich drone that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your piloting session.

What Do We Like?

The Ruko U11 is stacked with endless intelligent flight functions that will amaze rookie pilots and impress advanced fliers. The built-in GPS further helps to shorten the curve for those who just found out about the fun drones offer.

This drone is conveniently lightweight and portable. Its collapsible propellers further reduce the size and in the package, you get a handy carrying case for whenever you want to transport the drone.

I really liked the camera quality on this drone, especially considering its price. Although it's not a professional camera, the footage it delivers is even great for experienced photographers. 

ruko u11 optical flow sensor

Overall, the drone offers a user-friendly operation, starting from the minimalistic and straight-forward design of the controller. This is emphasized by the beginner-friendly GPS-supported modes. 

The new modular battery is energy efficient and the 18 minutes it manages to keep the drone in the air is pretty inspiring. But considering that you are getting an extra battery for free, what more can you ask from a budget drone!

Generally, the Ruko U11 embodies the phrase “great bang for the buck”! I was overwhelmed by the wealth of high-performance features stacked in a mini drone at this price level. There are several more expensive models in the market that the U11 can easily overshadow.


  • Multiple failsafe features, compact and lightweight
  • Extended flight time and easy to operate
  • High-quality 4K camera for under $200!
  • Intelligent flight modes

What Don’t We Like?

While the GPS module does a great job of stabilizing the drone while in its hovering position, the drone does not have an obstacle avoidance feature. This exposes the drone to possible collisions in the air when you’re flying it.

The drone camera doesn’t have a gimbal stabilizer, which may cause your footage to be a little bit shaky. However, considering the price you’re paying for this drone, these do not come close to being deal-breakers.


  • Brushed motors
  • Needs FAA registration and no obstacle avoidance

Advice to Buyers

Enthusiasts looking for the perfect introduction into drone flying have a good reason to invest in the Ruko U11. The quadcopter comes with more than you expect from an entry-level drone. It is stacked with high-performance features and modes that make the flying experience simple but exciting.

I would easily recommend it to both beginners and advanced drone users. Besides, it is also not an expensive drone.

ruko u11 review


Overall, the Ruko U11 hits way above its weight class! Despite being very affordable, the drone is buzzing with high-quality features, including a 4K camera, 40 minutes of flight time, endless intelligent flight modes, just to name a few.

It will be a tall order finding a quadcopter that offers better value for money at this price range. Beginners will have an unforgettable time flying the drone, but intermediate users shouldn’t be left out of the fun!

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