Drone Buying Guide 2018 – All You Need To Know

What are the drones?

Drones are unmanned aircraft flying through several (mostly four) rotating propellers. Initially, the drones were intended exclusively for military purposes, but with time they developed their commercial versions.

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Drone and the quadcopters (multi-rotators)

The concept of drone actually includes various types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) controlled by remote controls. They can look like a small plane or even a helicopter. The term quadcopter refers to specific drones which are controlled by four propellers or four rotors. There may also be more rotor blades, for example six or eight.



Which drone is the best choice for me?

Of course, the answer to this question will depend on your wishes and needs. The basic categories of users are divided into beginners, advanced users, and professionals. This depends on the prices of the devices themselves, their characteristics, but also some terms of use, which we will write later on.

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Drones For Beginners

This category of drones mostly includes toys, for self-flying or even racing. The size of the aircraft itself ranges from extremely small (smaller than the size of the palm) to those that are up to 50cm in diameter.



The average battery life is 5 to 15 minutes of flight, and additional batteries are available that will extend the life of the flight.

Dron can also be a combination of vehicle and aircraft. We tried it, and it works great! It’s great for different acrobatics and turns!

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Drones For Advanced Users

Aside from having a longer battery life (though not necessarily), they are harder, bigger, but above all, more stable for outbound flights. They are often equipped with cameras for taking photos or videos.

They are great for recording family gatherings, socializing or excursions. However, it is necessary to take care of these rules when using these drones in a number of rules such as shooting on public surfaces, limiting flying around populated areas or protected areas. We recommend checking all restrictions and/or permissions before you fly this kind of drone.

Professional Camera Drones

The prices of these aircraft can be several thousand $ and more. People who operate these aircraft must have special permits for handling and use. Certainly something that needs further attention, effort and knowledge is needed.


What Are The Most Important Characteristics When Buying A Drone?

1. Drone Battery

The average battery life is 5 to 25 minutes, though most often they last up to 10 minutes. Charging can take up to an hour, so we strongly recommend using an extra battery that can be replaced quickly and easily.

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