Getting a drone and flying it safely around your neighborhood is a crucial thing. Flying a drone is generally legal across the United States of America - but the laws about how you can fly your drone might vary from state to state. 

To ensure you are doing everything by the book, you must look into the state laws of the state you’re in right now. Gather all the essential info; you can do that by searching online or calling your local police station.

Can I Have A Drone In West Virginia?

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Yes, you can have a drone in West Virginia - for recreational enjoyment and commercial and business purposes. Drones in West Virginia are subject to FAA rules and regulations, and they are under flight controls of the local government.

Keep on reading to ensure you have all the information about flying a drone in West Virginia. 

What Type Of Drones Does The West Virginia Legislature Stand Behind?

West Virginia recognizes drones as “unmanned aircraft systems,” or UAS, for short. UAS is a type of aircraft that can fly autonomously or be operated remotely. The UAS can’t be used from within or carry human passengers. 

The laws are strict about taking photos or other recordings with your drone without consent. So, be careful about these rules when having fun with your drone. 

Recreational Drone Flying in West Virginia

Recreational drone flying is legal in West Virginia for fun and enjoyment purposes. That being said, the drone operator must have proof of passage of the TRUST - The Recreational UAS Safety Test.

The operator must also follow the FAA rules and regulations set for recreational use. When flying the drone recreationally, you must carry proof of passage of the TRUST test and your drone’s registration documentation to avoid any trouble. 

Also, you must fly the drone within your line of sight and keep it away from other people, large gatherings, airports, and more.

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Do I Have To Register My Drone In West Virginia?

Not all drones have to be registered to be used in West Virginia, only drones weighing over 0.55 pounds - but under 55 pounds. If your drone is dangerously near the upper limit, consult the FAA to avoid any trouble.

The registration fee is $5, and it lasts three years. When registered, your drone needs to have a registration number sticker. Additionally, the operator needs to take the proof of registration with them when using the drone. 

Can I Still Get Penalties If I Use A Drone In West Virginia?

Of course, you can still get criminal and civil penalties!

The law in West Virginia prohibits taking photos, audio, and video recordings of people and their property without consent. Furthermore, it prohibits operators from harassing people with drones and other UAVs. Even flying a drone near someone who’s issued a restraining order against the operator could also put the operator in direct violation of the said restraining order. 

What If I Want To Fly My Commercial Drone In West Virginia?

Flying your drone commercially is legal in the state of West Virginia, provided you have your Remote Pilot Certificate required by the FAA. To obtain the certificate, you must be over 16 years old and understand English. 

Study for the test, get the tracking number, pass the test, and register with FAA. Simple, right? 

When you fly your drone for work or business purposes, you should always take the certificate with you, as well as any other documents you may have for your drone.

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