21 April 2022

Drone flying is generally legal in the United States, but we suggest you look into the local laws if you want to ensure that you are safe doing so. Now, you might not know this, but there's no universal formula for the entire country - the laws vary from state to state. So, it’s better to play it safe - and get information from your local police station or online.

Can I Have A Drone In Wyoming?

Yes, you can have a drone in Wyoming! The state allows for commercial and recreational use of drones for fun. Of course, that comes with a specific set of rules and regulations to ensure that drone-flying is done so that it won't affect others. 

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that drones are subjected to the FAA regulations, in addition to the flight controls that local governments supervise, so make sure to keep on reading.


What Type Of Drones Does The Wyoming Legislature Stand Behind?

Wyoming law recognizes “unmanned aircraft, but it does not include the “small unmanned aircraft”. Unmanned aircraft is, essentially, an aircraft that can fly autonomously or operate with a remote - but cannot be used from within or carry human passengers. 

These small unmanned aircraft must weigh less than 55 pounds to be used for recreational and commercial purposes by civilians. 

Recreational Drone Flying in Wyoming

Recreational drone flying in the state of Wyoming is, like we said, completely legal - as long as you follow the FAA rules and regulations and exclusively fly your drone for enjoyment purposes. The most important rules are to keep the drone in your visual line of sight and fly it in a manner that makes way for human-crewed aircraft.

Also, the person flying the drone is required by FAA to pass the Recreational UAS Safety Test - TRUST for short, to fly their drone. In addition to that, you should make sure to carry the proof of passage with you when flying out your drone. 

Moreover, the drone should be marked with the registration number, and you should carry the registration document with you. 

registration document for drone

Image credit: http://theuavdigest.com/uav127-small-uas-certificate-of-registration/

Do I Have To Register My Drone In Wyoming?

You can register drones in the state of Wyoming, but it depends on their weight of it. If your drone weighs under 0.55 pounds, it doesn’t have to be registered, but if it weighs over 0.55 pounds and under 55 pounds, you will need to register it.

Luckily, the registration costs $5, and it lasts for three years, so you’ll be all set for a while. 

Can I Still Get Penalties If I Use A Drone In Wyoming?

Sure you can. If you don’t follow the FAA rules and guidelines, you can get civil or criminal penalties. Ensure never to operate your drone if you are under the influence, avoid critical infrastructure, and fly away from private property.

Interested in buying a drone in Wyoming but aren’t sure about the drone laws? Check out our overview of drone laws in Wyoming to get all the information!

What If I Want To Fly My Commercial Drone In Wyoming?

If you have a small UAV such as a drone, you can fly it commercially, as long as it weighs under 55 pounds and is used for business purposes. But if you need to fly your drone for commercial purposes, you should consider getting the license for doing so.

To get the Remote Pilot Certificate, you need to be over 16 years of age, speak English, study hard for the test, obtain the FAA tracking number, schedule the appointment - and, of course, pass the test. 

Last but not least, you should always carry your certificate to avoid getting in trouble when flying your drone. 

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