The development and use of unmanned aerial vehicles – quadcopters – has been a major breakthrough in the field of intellectual achievement. Innovations are used in all aspects of these devices: from modern composite materials to the latest navigation equipment.

Depending on the size and planned programs, quadcopters, or drones, have different purposes. That’s why they can be used in various ways. The largest and most serious models are used in the army, they are equipped with fixed wings and require short runways. There are models that are used for geographical surveying of terrain, poaching control, and meteorological purposes. Smaller drones use vertical take-off and landing technology. And miniature models are launched from the palm of the hand.

Delivery of goods

16 Unique Ways of Using Quadcopters

A number of major trade and postal companies have seriously considered investing in the development of drones to deliver parcels, mail, medicine, and food. The delay in launching such projects is only due to some technical problems in densely populated urban areas, as well as drones interaction with aircraft in the free zone.

In places where conditions allow the use of drones, the delivery of some items has already become a reality. La Poste France has already launched such a delivery program, and the Swiss and Finnish postal services are testing it. China Post is already delivering more than 500 parcels per day in a number of its provinces.

Trading giants Amazon and Walmart have already announced such a service to their customers, and Google has conducted the first test delivery of unmanned parcels. If successful, the company plans to use its solar-powered drones to distribute the 5G Internet throughout the world. In the meantime, some models with built-in Wi-Fi delight the average users.

An assistant in journalism

16 Unique Ways of Using Quadcopters

Events on the battlegrounds, large-scale events, sports competitions can now be observed online, which takes modern journalism to a new level.

The digital age has brought major changes in journalism and the evolution of information dissemination. It’s possible to remain at the forefront of information collection and delivery using a quadcopter. The concept of “drone journalism” allows us to provide viewers with real-time multimedia news content.

Given how and what can be done with this machine, the Association of Photographers of America, together with the Google News Lab, has presented an innovative drone training program for journalists. The Drone Journalism School, created by them, considers not only the collection of information, but also pays great attention to the ethical and legal issues of these mass communications.

Transportation of medicines

Drones deliver blood, transplants, vaccines to patients in underdeveloped countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea. This area of quadcopter use is the most popular and appreciated by physicians.

The use of drones in emergencies proved their indispensability after the earthquake in Haiti in 2012, the typhoon in the Philippines, and in other regions where the infrastructure was completely destroyed. The leader in rescuing people and delivering medicines by drones is the California-based company Zipline, which works closely with the international organization Doctors Without Borders.

Thus, quadcopters can solve the problem of almost 2 billion people from Africa and Asia, who have limited access to health services and medicines. The enormous potential of drones to transport medicines or vaccines helps in situations where time is of the essence.

Saving lives

Drones can also search for and rescue people who have disappeared in inaccessible places such as mountains, forests, oceans. Quadcopter with thermal cameras can find a person who has been caught in an avalanche or fallen into a cave. These devices will warn the police about the presence of criminals in the dark and show rangers about the ambush of poachers. During natural disasters, they are used to deliver not only medicines but also communications equipment.

In Australia, drones were used to find and deliver rescue equipment to two teenagers, who were carried away in the sea by the waves. The entire liferaft transportation operation took several minutes. Drones were also used to detect sharks. In addition, in mountainous areas, quadcopters are used to drop explosives for controlled avalanches.

Inspection of oil rigs

Environmental and personnel safety are the key parameters taken into account by oil and gas managers when they signed the contract to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of platforms and oil rigs with the help of drones. The benefits of using drones are:

  • rapid inspection and evaluation of inaccessible areas;
  • rapid response to critical situations;
  • access to inspection sites that pose a danger to people;
  • possibility of receiving qualitative and detailed pictures of malfunctions and defects of the equipment at any height;
  • fast deployment of unmanned inspection.

Wildlife observation

16 Unique Ways of Using Quadcopters

Monitoring of the animal population and determination of their habitats on a large geographical area scale is possible with an unmanned inspection system. According to experts, drones are the safest, most environmentally friendly, and inexpensive alternative to manned aircraft.

A Medium Sized Quadcopter, which shoots in several modes can be used in extreme situations, in large areas, without making the animals nervous or disturbing their rhythm of life. They help researchers monitor penguin behavior in Antarctica, the movement of humpback whales off the coast of Chile, bird watching, and the migration of elephants in India.

Scientists have found endangered wildlife habitats with the help of photo and video footage and now can prevent their death.

Fighting crime

The safety of police officers has been significantly increased with the use of quadcopters. Efficient use of drones is particularly useful in the following cases:

  • Accident analysis. Images from the drone camera capture all the details of accidents, the urgency of calling medical services, the way to the scene of the accident.

  • Crowd monitoring. Major events, concerts, sports, and parades are usually filled by a huge number of people. Drones make it possible to assess the threat, to regulate the passage of the crowd that can prevent stampedes, to see foreign objects.

  • Bomb inspection. Suspicious packages or bags can be inspected by drones to assess the initial threat and determine the level of danger.

  • Tracking criminals in the dark. The thermal imager on a drone camera helps the police pursue criminals based on data from drones.

Help during disasters

Long-range drones will help during man-made disasters when humanitarian workers cannot access certain areas. They will assess damage from accidents at industrial enterprises, railway accidents with dangerous goods, terrorist acts, determine the degree of pollution of large areas with chemical or nuclear wastes, and provide assistance to victims.

In 2011, during the tsunami in Japan, the building of the Fukushima nuclear power plant was damaged. The entire drone army assessed the situation and the degree of destruction of the plant. These devices participated in monitoring the radiation threat and the spread of radiation to other areas.

Help for farmers

In agriculture, drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras evaluate plant growth. Multi-spectral sensors allow the farmers to monitor the application of irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides at the required locations. They can also observe the crops and their contamination with fungal or bacterial infections.

In addition, drones can be used in hard to access geographical landscapes, spraying fertilizer in places where the aircraft cannot reach. Using ultrasonic echo sounder technology, the spraying drones accurately perform the spraying procedure, avoiding the risk of over-application of chemicals.

Shooting of sporting events

Enjoying the game of the favorite team, seeing the tiniest nuances of the game,regular cycling tournament,  following the emotions of the players, according to, all of this has become possible with the help of drones. Magnificent and exciting shots of acute struggle give the viewer the opportunity to feel the heat of the game and empathize with the players. In addition to the viewer’s interest, the unmanned transmission helps solve a number of other important problems:

  • sports commentators get a detailed picture of what is happening, which helps them to report accurately;
  • the coaches have the opportunity to carefully analyze the course of the game and make adjustments to the team’s actions;
  • advertising agencies use the best moments of game confrontation to create advertising products.

Protection of national borders

16 Unique Ways of Using Quadcopters

The use of drones to protect national borders is a popular and effective option. Such drones can be equipped with facial and license plate recognition systems, thermal imaging cameras, and telephone interception technology. This is very useful for preventing and responding to border incidents. In addition, it’s a convenient way to monitor the situation in inaccessible border areas.

With the help of drones, border guards can track smugglers, drug traffickers, and prevent illegal border crossings in difficult areas.

Saving the planet

With the help of drones, scientific organizations are conducting research projects, rehabilitating tropical forests, and monitoring glacier melting in the Arctic. Using drones, scientists collect information and photographs from regions of interest to help make more accurate climate forecasts.

The occurrence and spread of large-scale fires, changes in natural conditions, and global warming are all studied using precision instruments delivered by drones to the site of observation. Changes in the natural habitat lead to mass mortality of animals, and only the information obtained can facilitate the relocation of wildlife and the rescue of entire species.


One of the first to appreciate the incredible abilities of drones were the paparazzi. They stopped sitting on a tree or hiding in the bushes, waiting for rare shots of celebrities. Many celebrities complain of a swarm of drones haunting their families during their vacations or journeys. In addition, they are afraid of the danger that inexperienced paparazzi can cause.

Many countries have begun to enact laws prohibiting the capture of private life. Now, anyone who sees the surveillance from a drone can report a violation of their rights to the police.

Real estate trade

Many realtors consider the use of drones as an important technology to enter the business of real estate. Using flying cameras, the agent creates stunning landscapes, prospects, and the environment of the object of sale. The customer can view the potential housing from a bird’s eye view, explore the garden, see the neighborhood’s buildings.

In addition, the client can see the condition of the upper structures, roofs, view the adjacent roads, and children’s areas.

Implementing the craziest ideas

With the help of a drone, you can make an unforgettable proposal, decorating the place with thousands of candles or beautiful flowers, and film the entire process.

You can save memories of a significant event in life, an exciting journey, getting unique photos of your adventures. Thanks to drones, you can explore new cultures and countries.

Shooting fantastic materials

Photographers from all over the world are trying to capture stunning footage from drones that were previously simply unavailable. The best of them participate in the Dronestagram competition, which is held annually. In the categories of Nature, People, City, Creativity, photographers present the most impressive photos, which allow a large number of people to enjoy the fascinating views of our planet from an unusual angle.

Drones provide huge advantages, allow to solve a number of large-scale tasks. Large companies are financing the creation of new models with more serious functionality, designed to increase profits from their activities. Public services use them for protection and safety of people, doctors with the help of drones save lives, the army uses them to conduct military operations. And ordinary people enjoy the opportunity to see the world from a new angle, see the beauty and unique charm of the planet.

About the Author: Ruan Nelio

When I'm not geeking out over the newest drones, I'm busy flying my DJI Mavic 2 Pro all over Oslo. The coolest part about this job is I get to keep some of the drones I review, which happens to be how I got my Mavic 2!

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About the Author
 Ruan Nelio

When I'm not geeking out over the newest drones, I'm busy flying my DJI Mavic 2 Pro all over Oslo. The coolest part about this job is I get to keep some of the drones I review, which happens to be how I got my Mavic 2!

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