Drones are among the modern innovations of this century that have rapidly entrenched themselves into our lives. Just like phones, they have undergone a dynamic evolution. They have come to change the lives of people in many different ways. Many activities have become more efficient because of them.

Drones are basically UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that comprise of all rotor-propelled aerial vehicles the size of a small jet to little quadcopters that can be generally held on a palm.

Their uses are extensive, from being recreational tools to professional UAV’s. These gadgets will definitely be around for a long time judging on the demand that keeps growing each passing day. It is therefore important to get acquainted to these devices and probably study how they can be of use in your life.

Like most mobile gadgets, quadcopters are charged with batteries. They also come with a separate controller that the user utilizes to steer them to different locations. Like all gadgets, quadcopters have a learning curve and the steepness of it depends on the model and its controllers.

As a general rule however, drones tend to get easier to fly as they get more expensive. This is because of the additional functionalities and sensors that come with the more expensive models.

A few sessions with them will however make any enthusiast able to effectively operate them. It is important to confirm the type of drone being purchased. They are usually designed as Ready-to-Fly, Bind-and-fly and Almost-ready-to-fly. The latter two require doing a few adjustments before they can actually fly.


Quadcopters have been around for a while. However, their popularity has soared in recent times due to their growing application. Modern innovation has been hugely instrumental in this development. In the early 20th century, four-rotor helicopters were first conceptualized and developed.

They were however not as maneuverable as the quadcopters of today. They only covered short distances and being actual helicopters; they could not be controlled remotely. They were also very ineffective and rudimentary. Early UAV’s were an improvement of these helicopters, but their application was limited to the US Army.


1920 – The Oemichen No. 2

Oemichen-Helicopter-no.-2-France-1924 (1)
  • Had four rotors and eight propellers all driven by one motor
  • Over 1000 Successful flights
  • First recorded FAI distance record of 360m in 1924 for a helicopter
  •  Very Stable for the Time
  • Designed by Etienne Oemichen
  • US Air force Project

1956 – Convertawings Model A Quadcopter

  • Designed by Dr. George de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome
  • One of the first quadcopters to use varying thrust of the four propellers to control roll, pitch, and yaw
  • Was very hard for the pilot to fly because of the workload of trying to control the thrust of all four props at once.

1958 – Curtis Wright VZ-7

  • Designed by Curtis Wright company
  • US Army Project
  • Starts to bear resemblance to modern day drones 
  • Used variable thrust in the four propellers to control flight

Two VZ-7 prototypes were created and both performed adequately during the initial flight test program, and both did reasonably well when evaluated by the Army. The craft were capable of hovering and forward flight and proved relatively stable and easy to operate. 

The drones were retired in the mid 1960's due to not meeting military standards.

2013 – Fast Forward To The First DJI Phantom

A brief history of drones – Plus a sneak peek into the future!
  • Design for Small Commercial as well as recreational use
  • Uses a gimbal to stabilize the video camera, delivering great arial photography previously limited to helicopter news crews
  • Remote controlled
  • You can read about the latest version (Phantom 3) here

The real application of UAV’s has been in the 21st century. Modern-day drones have the capability of flying high and over long distances. They have also become truly unmanned vehicles. Technology and innovation have availed them in all sizes. Because of this, their use has expanded a lot and today drones are used for all sorts of tasks. 

Innovation has incorporated global positioning systems and cameras on quadcopters. By doing this, many limitations have been overcome, and the abilities of modern drones are unmatched.


Among the many areas that quadcopters have become really significant is in the field of aerial photography. Not so long ago, helicopters were the main mediums of aerial photography. While they still are, their application has been limited to specialized professional practice while quadcopters now serve the masses.

The successive innovation in these gadgets has also made it possible for high-quality cameras to be mounted successfully on them. 

Cameras themselves are now small and compact enough to be easily attached to the various models of quadcopters. You can even find various camera drones which are completely waterproof!

This has highly impacted the field of aerial photography. The mobility and maneuverability of these devices make them very handy for a lot of other additional activities. For instance, being able to fly indoors as well as outdoors, they have utilized for spying missions. In addition to these, they have also been used in intelligence and strategy by the military.

Drones and quadcopters have become very useful in the area of disaster management and rescue missions. Many natural disasters have often rendered people trapped in inaccessible areas. But drones have been able to overcome this challenge by probing and locating trapped people by accessing the most difficult routes in search and rescue missions.


If you are in the market shopping for quadcopters, you will generally find that there are numerous brands and models in the market today. Their prices also vary widely depending on the manufacturer and specifications. We grouped the drone reviews on our website into five price categories, namely:

A quick search online will confirm their availability in the major stores online. Walking into most electronic shops, you will also notice that they are quite present. When shopping for a good quadcopter, it is best to look for one that has the features and specifications that suit you most. The number of rotors, for instance, their battery options, camera and storage options. The controller, charger and other accessories are also very crucial, and a little research will enable you to make the right decision. You have various choice of the best quadcopter and drones to buy here on this website. 


Drone Delivering Pizza

Devices like quadcopters and drones that generally fit into the UAV category have a big and bright future. Their uses are definitely bound to stretch beyond the already assumed roles. Many big businesses and companies are already looking into the applications that this technology can be utilized.

There has been research seeking to establish the viability of drones as a means of delivering purchases to customers. Drones have also found a very central role in saving wildlife. With issues like poaching threatening nature, tracking of endangered species of animals in large parks has become easier with the application of long range drones in this field. Drones have also been cited in fields like agriculture for activities like fertilizer application.

The sales of quadcopters and other drones, in general, has been on the rise for the past decade. Numbers have increased exponentially in the past few years. With this trend, there have been proposals to regulate airspace and drone use. While there have not been concrete outcomes of the same, it is expected that regulation will happen soon.

This is not a deterrent, however. It is just a key point to consider when discovering the various ways that you might decide to use your drone. As always, it is best to be responsible with the technology and regulation is part of ensuring this.

Whether for personal or professional use, consider being part of a community of drone users if you decide to get one. This will not only connect you to fellow enthusiasts but also keep you in a pool of good resources.



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