Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70-VR Review

Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70-VR Review

Our Rating - 3/5

Not a beginner friendly drone

It can be a good option for those users that want a large drone with a decent camera, but not want to overpay. This drone does not have anything that could distinguish it from the competition, but it is doesn’t fall too far behind.

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We are putting to the test the Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70-VR. This is Promark’spremium drone, intended for experienced users. But the flight assistance features make it suitable for beginners too. It offers a well- balanced combination of flight and video performances and affordable price.

In some markets, it is available with a different name- Syma X8, so if you need some additional parts, you can look under that name too.

Let’s see how well they will perform on our test.

Key Features

Flight Time

12 minutes


720p HD

Control Range

300 yards


7.4V 2,000mAh Li-Po

Charge time


Special features

VR Goggles



This is not a small drone. The dimensions are 19 x 5.8 x 19 inches, and the weight is 1, 3 pounds. It has a modern design and 4 rotor blades. Underneath the rotors are 4 LED lights. 2 green for the front, two red for the back. Four long legs underneath the drone are used as landing gear and protection for the camera that is placed under the drone. The blades have shields that are not attached when you receive it in the box.

Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70-VR Review


A 720p HD camera that is mounted beneath the drone can be tilted down or up by using the “Camera Angle” button on the remote controller.  The Video quality can be described as fairly decent. There is some jelly effect when the drone suddenly moves. The overall impression is that the filming is best when the drone is on slowest speed setting.

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The transmitter has a standard layout, a slick design a lies very well in the hands. Although the drone has many features, it is not overcrowded with buttons. The left joystick is your throttle and rotates control, the right joystick is your directional control. There are buttons for trim left-right, and up-down. Also, the camera can be pointed down or up using the corresponding button. There is a button for the camera as well. A short press will take a picture, a long press will start a video. Corresponding buttons for auto land- take off, and for speed, settings are there likewise.

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The good thing with this controller if you don’t have to guess what settings you have chosen. There is a nice LED screen that shows you the current settings, and the camera mode, filming or taking pictures. The remote controller has a phone holder supports even the largest phones.

The drone can be controlled by your phone, the through the Promark VR app. However, some features may be limited while flying with your smartphone, like the single-button flip feature.

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The manufacturer equipped this drone with a rather powerful battery, 7.4V 2,000mAh Li-Polymer battery. It allows for up to 12 minutes of flight time, depending on the speed and operation of the drone. Flips and stunts greatly reduce flight time.

The battery is rechargeable via the included USB cord, and to charge it completely will take you about 5 hours. Before the first use, the battery needs to be charged fully.  The battery is placed inside the drone, there are a dedicated door and a slot for it. It connects pretty simply by plug& play system.



You can launch or land the drone by simply pressing the corresponding button.


There are 3speed settings you can choose from.


Thanks to the streaming video mode, you can see in real time what the drone camera sees.

Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70-VR Review


By using the VR Goggles which are provided as standard equipment in the package, you can enjoy a real VR experience. Place your phone in the very well designed and secure goggles, and feel like a pilot.


This option makes the drone easier to fly.


With a press of a button, the drone will execute a 360-degree flip. Keep in mind the minimum height required for the stunt, and that it drains the battery. Never perform the stunt with an almost empty battery, because it can result in a crash.


This will kill all the power to the engines, and the drone will fall to the ground. Of course, this feature is intended to be used as a last resort measure.

Flying Experience

The drone has enough power to fly very smoothly and fast. The downside is that it is very loud. It has 3-speed settings, so anyone can find the one that suits him the best. There is a Headless mode available, which can make flying easier, especially for beginners. The auto-hover function is featured, and it starts when you press the camera button. The maximum range is 300 yards, but it falls down to 100 yards when using the Wi-Fi. If you fly the drone out of range, the signal will be gone and the drone will spontaneously land at that location.

What Do We Like?

  • Large size. Drone measures about 15 x 15 x 7.5 inches,
  • Remote Controller. Large ergonomic transmitter with LED screen to keep you informed of the drone’s status
  • HD camera. The 720p camera is decent enough
  • FPV mode. Download the Promark VR app from Google Play or iTunes and fly the drone in FPV mode
  • Auto-hover. When you press the camera button, the drone goes in the auto hover mode
  • Headless mode. Turn it on to fly the drone more easily
  • Adjustable speed. Three-speed settings are available
  • Additional. VR goggles come standard in the package

What Don't We Like?

  • Camera. It is an HD, but it could be better


It can be a good option for those users that want a large drone with a decent camera, but not want to overpay. The VR Goggles that come standard are a nice extra and make the flight more enjoyable. This drone does not have anything that could distinguish it from the competition, but it is doesn’t fall too much behind them in any way.

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