RC Car Kits – Can they Improve your RC Car’s speed?

Nitro RC trucks are some of the most powerful trucks there are. People who decide to use Nitro RC trucks know full well of all of their capabilities. But there are a lot of people who are not aware that there are many different styles and types of Nitro trucks

Ready to run Nitro Rc trucks

First, you have ready to run trucks. If you are a beginner to the RC scene, then a ready to run RC truck is just for you. These trucks are usually already assembled coming right out of the box, so this makes it easy for the beginner to begin using them immediately. The only thing that needs to be done to them is usually a simple run in the engine. Otherwise, you can begin experimenting and testing this powerful truck right away on your path to becoming a more serious hobbyist of Nitro RC trucks. They also take a load off of those people who are not too good when it comes to assembling things of any type.

Kit versions for the more advanced

According to MechanicFAQ.com, many nitro trucks are made with the more technically inclined person in mind. If personalization is your thing, or if you enjoy putting things together that I Kit version is just for you. Kit versions require you to build them from absolute scratch. You will usually need to purchase a separate transmitter, receiver, and various other servos for this kind of model.

But if you hope to give into Kit versions of them eventually, then it may do you some good to experiment with them just a little bit. Once you are more advanced then a Kit version will be the only type you’ll want to consider for this exciting hobby.

Take note that although these kits are advanced, it's nothing as complicated as installing an electric bike kit for example. So do not let this intimidate you. 

These are the two main versions of trucks you have. Depending on how serious of a hobbyist you are when it comes to these trucks, picking which version you want to use will be easy. If you are a person who isn’t patient and you want to get things rolling right out of the box, then a ready to run RC is what you want to use.​

If you are more technically an advanced person who enjoys the challenge of putting together complex things, then a Kit version I would recommend is the WPL 4WD RC Truck - its a powerful and intimidating RC Truck, so definitely one to consider.

How To Improve The Speed?

Want to increase the speed of your electric RC car but don't know where to start? In the world of racing RC cars and trucks, speed is the single most important element necessary for success. The fact is that you aren't going to win any races with a slow car. So, how exactly do you boost its speed and performance? Keep reading for simple tips and tricks for churning more power out of your RC car.

Adjusting the gear ratio on your RC car's motor is a quick and easy way to increase its speed. Many newcomers to the hobby automatically assume that messing with gear ratios is a painstakingly difficult process, so they leave their RC car with factory gears. The truth, however, is that anyone can modify the gear ratio on their RC car with a little bit of work.

On the motor of your electric RC car, you'll see two primary gears: a large gear, known as a spur and a smaller gear, known as a pinion. These are the two gears you'll want to adjust to change the ratio and speed of your RC car. Installing a smaller spur and larger pinion will improve the top speed of your RC car.

The downside, however, is that you'll lose some acceleration in the process. Installing a larger spur and smaller pinion will have the opposite effect by reducing your overall top speed but increasing your car's acceleration.

Adjusting gear ratios is a kind of a double-edged sword that you must balance delicately to ensure your RC car maintains a high top speed with a competitive level of acceleration.

Electric RC Car

Tires will also affect the speed of an electric RC car. The 'best' type of tires varies depending on the course you are racing. Slick tires with minimal tread offer the highest level of speed and performance for slick asphalt courses, while thick, heavy-tread tires with long spikes are better for off-road courses.

It's not a bad idea to keep a set of street tires and off-road tires on hand for this reason. If you find yourself off-road racing other hobbyists, switch out your tires for the larger set.

This is probably common knowledge to some RC hobbyists, but maintaining a full charge on your batteries will keep your car running at max speed.

As the charge begins to dwindle, the motor won't produce the same amount of torque; thus, lowering the overall speed of your RC car. If you race planned, make sure your batteries are charged to 100% before hitting the tracks.

Lastly, reducing your RC car's weight can also yield a minor improvement in its speed. Depending on your specific type of RC car, this may or may not be a viable option.

If your RC features an excessive amount of cosmetic add-ons, you can remove them for a slight increase in speed and power. It's a nominal increase when compared to adjusting the gear ratios, but it's still one more technique experienced RC hobbyists use to boost their car's speed and performance.

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