Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Review

Our Rating - 3.5/5

Decent performing racing drone

So many features in such a small package. The Air Hopgs DR1 is a solid starter FPV drone for kids. It's still a toy drone, so don't expect miracles.

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Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Review

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Interesting racing drone. In short, it can be described with a sentence, small size – big fun. The main audience for this drone is the beginner racers, and basically, everyone who wants to have good fun. The Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone is a part of Air Hogs, a line of toy manufactured by the Spin Master Company, with headquarters in Toronto. The line focusses in remote control toys, particularly the ones with stunt capabilities or exciting features. It is anticipated from a company like this to constantly entertain us with new and interesting models that will keep us amused and can live to tell about it.

So let’s see what this little speed racer is all about.

Key Features

7 minutes


480p can be tilted up-down

Control Range



140 mAh

Charge time

40 minutes

Special features

one key take off/land, stunts, altitude hold, VR



It is small, with a dimension of 3.5 by 3 by 1.5 inches. It is a little bigger than a NanoDrone. It has racing colors, which contribute to the overall impression of a speedy little devil. In the front there is a camera, in the back, there is an antenna for the Wi-Fi and a battery charging socket. It has racing propellers with three blades, and sturdy, non-removable protection for them. Underneath the rotors there are LED lights, indicating front and back.

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Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Review


The 480pcamera is built-in, placed at the nose of the drone. It offers a decent enough picture quality. A great feature is that the camera can be pointed up. It may not seem too important to a beginner, but it is. You don’t want for the camera to be pointed straight when the drone is pitched downwards. And racing drones, especially this one have big tilt forward when accelerating. This tilting is not really noticeable on mode 1, but it is when using mode 2, which is a lot faster racing mode.

The standard provided goggles are good. They are meant to be a holder for your smartphone, and they enlarge the picture a little bit. There is no strange or awkward feel, the view is nice and immersive, like looking at a big movie screen. The Video from the drone is streamed to your phone, and you can edit the video later and export or share.

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The drawback, although not a big one, is the streaming signal. DR1 FPV Race Drone has a Wi-Fi signal, and the professional racing drones have a 5,8GHz signal. The main reason to choose the 5,8GHz is that it is faster. It doesn’t have a lag in streaming, while Wi-Fi does. That is really noticeable when drones are flying at speed over 50mph. fortunately, this one is not that fast, and so the lag will be barely visible. One way to overcome that lag is to fly it outdoors, where e there is no obstacles to the signal, and lesser obstacles to hit.


It is ergonomic and small. Probably more kid-friendly, than intended for adults. In the package, you get another set of different style nobs for joysticks. The remote controller is simple, with few buttons, auto takeoff, and autoland, trim buttons, and a mode selection buttons. Underneath the left joysticks are the commands for the camera- video and take a picture. Right front trigger is for doing tricks. The remote requires 2 AAA batteries.

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The drone has a built-in 140 mAhbattery. The flight time is 7 minutes, and the charge time is 40 minutes. The drawback is that the battery is not removable. You cat place another one and keep flying. You have to wait for the battery to charge. That is a problem for a racing drone.



The drone can be launched with a press of a button. It can also land that way but be sure to be close to the ground

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Mode 1 is slow and intended for beginners or users that are just getting familiar with this model. Mode 2 is a barrel of fun. The speed is much higher, and also the drone’s responses to the commands.


Streaming video and VR goggles allow you to have the First Person View

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Review


The drone has a barometer sensor, and that enables it to hold its height. That can be useful when performing stunts


It can do flips and rolls with a press of a button.

Flying Experience

The drone has two modes of flying. The first one is slow and recommended for beginners. Mode two is what this drone is meant to do, really fast flying. In this case, speed equals fun. It handles great, really stable in flight, auto height hold works without a problem, so do does the auto take-off function. Autoland function can really be used only close to the ground. Pushing it when the drone is high will result in the drone basically falling down. The range is around 250 ft.

What Do We Like?

  • Small size. The compact size makes it indoor and outdoor usable
  • Camera. A 480p can be tilted up and down
  • FPV mode. The video from the drone can be streamed to your smartphone
  • Altitude hold. Barometric sensors will hold the drone at a set height
  • 2 flight modes. First one is for beginners and the second one for advanced users.
  • Additional. Flips and 3D rolls, VR goggles, one-key takeoff/landing, spare blades

What Don't We Like?

  • Built-in battery. The battery cannot be replaced, you have to wait until it is recharged to continue flying.


Someone said that happiness most often comes in small packages. So does fun. And it goes by the name of Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone. The price is not too high, so it is tempting. If you catch it on sale somewhere, well, then there is no dilemma.

About the Author: Ruan Nelio

When I'm not geeking out over the newest drones, I'm busy flying my DJI Mavic 2 Pro all over Oslo. The coolest part about this job is I get to keep some of the drones I review, which happens to be how I got my Mavic 2!

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About the Author
 Ruan Nelio

When I'm not geeking out over the newest drones, I'm busy flying my DJI Mavic 2 Pro all over Oslo. The coolest part about this job is I get to keep some of the drones I review, which happens to be how I got my Mavic 2!

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